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Different kinds of armor play very important roles in the tank battles of the Empires universe. Select the appropriate type of armor and you will come out victorious.

A note regarding guns: There are two types of anti-vehicle weapons: guns and cannons. Cannons are anything that fires a shell that is affected by gravity. Includes rail guns. high explosive cannon. extended range cannon. These shots are affected by the the Speed To Damage Modifier. Guns fire projectiles that are not affected by gravity and have an instantaneous travel time. Includes bioMG. DUMG. HEMG. These shots are not affected by the the Speed To Damage Modifier.

Armor Weapon Table (Last updated 2021/08/02):

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Image Name Description Research Cost Weight Health Regeneration Angle Modifier Speed To Damage Modifier Damage Modifier Damage To Heat Absorbed Bioweapon Damage Modifier
Armor small.png Basic Armor This armor offers basic protection. None 8 15 60 0 0.1 0 1 0.01 1
Composite sml.png Composite A composite of other armors, offering deflective, regenerative and absorbant capabilities. Composite Armor 40 15 100 0.015 0.35 -0.00005 1 -0.04 0.8
Reactive sml.png Reactive Electrically charged armor capable of reacting to projectiles by discharging an array of capacitors. It is one of the heaviest armors, but also one of the strongest in terms of how much damage it can take. Reactive Armor 15 18 130 0 0.1 0 1 0.01 1
Reflective sml.png Deflective Deflective armor is able to deflect most of a projectile's kinetic energy away from the vehicle as long as the projectile does not hit perfectly perpendicular to the plating. Deflective Armor 15 15 80 0 1 0 1 0.01 1
Regen sml.png Regenerative Regenerative armor is engineered with living tissue designed to grow calcium carbonate as the protective medium. As it is newly formed, it is malleable enough to find its way into damaged areas where it solidifies and reinforces/replaces material that had been damaged/destroyed. Regenerative Armor 12 15 75 0.05334 0.1 0 1 0.01 1.25
Absorbant sml.png Absorbant Absorbant armor transforms damage taken into additional heat dissipation. It reduces the amount of damage it takes the faster the projectile that impacts it is going. Absorbant Armor 10 12 67 0 0.1 -0.000112 1 -0.15 0.5
Armor small.png Command Vehicle Armor Military grade alloy, designed specifically for Command Vehicles. None 40 10 275 0.004 0.2 0 1 0.05 1