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By R_yell



I'm working on a new map, as you can see. This one will be focused on infantry combat and vehicles, and it won't be very big as some of you wish. It's composed by a oval canal zone, two bases with its respective VF and capture zone, and a central building with another capture zone (where players can spawn inmediately once captured).

Each capture zone gives an amount of resources, there won't be research, just the basic stuff (I'd like something different, but this is what we can do now). There will be a "low" amount of tickets per team, only 100.

Vehicle zones and infantry zones are clearly different, there won't be almost no cover on canals (not even walls) so players need to use vehicles to move safely. Control over canal will be decisive, because that's the way to get the other base and the central building. I'm worried about the NF superiority on that matter, that could cause imbalance.

As you can see, each base has 3 ways to get in/out: main exit for vehicles, low access inside HQ and top HQ access (roof). There could be a bridge from bases to middle building, but at the moment I prefer to stay without it.

Central building is quite linear, but it can be accesed from 2 ways on each side (bottom/middle), and another one at left side. That one is a vehicle access, it means you can go in with an APC there. The most interesting part is the spiral stair which connects the 4 levels, but there is almost no overlapping, only the flag level has a corridor from the stair to the main hall under it.

Concept Art



http://img141.imagevenue.com/loc523/th_97813_emp_canals0000_122_523lo.jpg http://img127.imagevenue.com/loc369/th_97813_emp_canals0001_122_369lo.jpg http://img41.imagevenue.com/loc572/th_97852_emp_canals0002_122_572lo.jpg

http://img132.imagevenue.com/loc372/th_97853_emp_canals0003_122_372lo.jpg http://img12.imagevenue.com/loc318/th_87814_emp_canals0005_122_318lo.jpg