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Current season: 2007 Main


The Empires League was created in January 2007 by Evan, KnightTemplar, and MOOtant to facilitate standardized clan matches. Initial league concepts and rules were developed by pseudo-consensus on the empiresmod.com forums.

Founding Clans


The Global Domination Map

League rules are a combination of player & team guidelines enforced to maximize the regularity of clan matches. They outline the match-scheduling process, accepted gameplay, and recourse in the event of suspected foul play or server error.

A new season gameplay style has been recently introduced, titled: "Global Domination". Clans will compete in a season-long RISK-type game, where each classic Empires map is represented by a territory on a game board (shown right). Clans will be assigned territories randomly at the start of the season, and forced to defend them from neighbouring clans throughout. At the same time, they must pursue their own dreams of conquering the world by attacking those around them. Exact rules and gameplay are still under discussion.


Referees are responsible for running league matches. Their say is final during the match.

Referees can be distinguished from other players because they wear the tag |LEAGUE|

  • example: |LEAGUE| KnightTemplar

Current Roster

The current roster can be found here.

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