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This is an attack and defend map, much like emp_escort. Roles are reversed, making the Northern Faction the attackers, and the Brenodi Empire the defenders.

The map is set on an island, not dissimilar to the one in emp_isle, only this one features a large, active volcano at its centre. The Brenodi Empire are the only faction to have a commander, who is sealed in an underground bunker and therefore does not act as a victory objective for the attackers.

The Brenodi defenders will have an abnormally low turret limit set, to prevent excessive defences from accumulating. They will also be dependant on one remote resource node for all of their income, which should make managing their budget suitably difficult.


The Northern Faction have recently acquired new intelligence relating to the Brenodi Empire's missile defence systems. This new information includes details of several key launching platforms off the East coast. The control centre for these platforms is located on a volcanic island which, due to its strategic importance, is kept secret to all but a few key people. To uphold this secrecy, the island itself is only defended by a small infantry force under the command of a single field commander.

A large-scale attack would be practically impossible: sheer cliffs surround much of the coastline, and the water is too shallow for most attack craft. On top of this, the Brenodi navy have a training facility just hours from the island itself, which would make the loss of life on both sides intolerable.

The only ship which is able to go unchecked in the area is a small civilian vessel which is contracted to regularly deliver supplies to the island. The company which maintains this vessel is loyal to the Empire, but the Northern Faction have an insider who has agreed to help them commandeer the ship without arousing suspicion.

The Northern Faction's mission is to use this vessel as an entry point to the island, landing in a cove opposite the military base. A task force will then cross the island on foot, taking out any surface structures which may have contact with the outside world. Once this is completed, the force will then move into the underground tunnels which are used to access the control centre, and place explosive charges in key areas around the facility. Once all charges are in place they will detonate automatically, leaving the equipment totally inoperable.

The Brenodi Empire's mission is to stop them, by any means necessary.

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