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The flag of the Northern Faction.

The Northern Faction hails its name from the dominant power rising after the fall of the ancient Great Empire. They disappeared, possibly to rebuild the Empire on a different landmass and laying the roots for the Jekotian Empire.

In the current struggle, the Northern Faction is less equipped and trained than the forces of the Brenodi Empire, but its forces make up for it with genetic manipulation and determination. All members are ex-citizens of Jekotia whose disbanded military's past exploits into genetic manipulation were phased into the general population and provided a counter to Brenodi technology. This gives them the advantage of more versatility in ability enhancement and unmatchable level of cohesiveness and coordination. They've managed to find support in ex-Jekotians hidden within the Brenodi Empire and among remnants of bunkers and weapon caches left over from the great battle which dissolved the nation of Jekotia.

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