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Release: 03/11/2019


  • Reverted the feature that would swap to engineer tool when pressing use on building.
  • Added volume control command for voices "snd_voicevolume".
  • Grenadier bots now aim at the correct position on tanks.
  • Re-added main menu button sounds, courtesy of Universum.
  • Added a max travel time in seconds before missiles will explode.
  • Added an anti-grief feature that blocks 4th vehicle creation within 2 minutes (Vehicle factory only, maps with vehicle spawners are unaffected).
    • This feature is turned on by setting "emp_sv_antigrief_build_vehicles 1" on the server.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed players being able to press use on map spawned entities when dead.
  • Fixed two crashes caused by the vehicle HUD.
  • Fixed two crashes in the vehicle customization menu.
  • Fixed a crash relating to engineer turret health displayed on the HUD.
  • Fixed a texture seam in the empsky_sunset1 skybox texture.
  • Fixed a bug which made players appear to be standing when they first enter a jeep.
  • Fixed an auto-balance bug preventing players from joining specific teams/spectator.
  • Altered the NF jeep collision model to be more accurate.

Map changes


  • New skybox, tweaked lighting
  • Added 3D skybox fog gradient texture
  • Added vehicle clip ramps to roadsides in the south and east, and in city center
  • Fixed texture and brush seams in C5
  • Slightly adjusted terrain at the ends of bridges
  • Added bollards to bridge sidewalks
  • Moved railings on the southern bridge to match the setup of the eastern bridge
  • Adjusted misaligned fence in eastern city

Scripts/Game Balance

  • Simplified vehicle weapon script by removing missile variables from non-missile weapons.
  • Increased RPG damage against building by 40% (about 2.5hp/shot)
  • Bio Diesel Heat Capacity 125->130
  • Changes to sticky grenades:
    • Reduced Stun Grenade's Grenade's damage against buildings (except walls) and infantry by 40%.
    • Increase Sticky & Stun Grenade's damage against walls by 285%. (1 sticky grenade will take down an unbuilt wall, 4 sticky grenade will take down a fully-built wall.)
    • Capacitive Armor will receive 8% more damage from Sticky Grenade and Stun Grenade, this is to ensure that no vehicle except for Commander Vehicle will survive 4 sticky grenades on one side.
  • Max missile travel time changes:
    • Infantry RPG -> 5 Seconds
    • Upgraded ML -> 5 Seconds
    • Heavy-duty ML -> 5 Seconds
    • ML turret -> 10 Seconds
    • Nuclear Missile -> 20 Seconds
    • All other missiles - > 10 Seconds