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Walls are simple defensive structures which restrict movement and fire. They can be created by either the commander or an engineer, but engineers can only place a limited number. There is a wall limit for commanders and engineers alike, but the engineer's limit will increase through gaining ranks.

When walls are first placed, they are at 25% height, then raise up out of the ground as they are constructed. At the initial height the wall will provide 95% cover for a crouching soldier while still remaining low enough to allow crouch-jumping unto the top. If a number of walls of varying heights are built then a crude staircase can be constructed allowing access to previously unaccessible areas or areas only accessible from one side.

Walls can be destroyed by cannon fire, although de-constructing them from close range with the engineer's tool is much faster. When walls are destroyed or recycled, they will break into pieces and either crumble when destroyed by an engineer tool or explode with force when destroyed by an explosive projectile. Don't forget that even though the fragments of wall cannot be seen through they can still be walked through or shot through, use this to your advantage if you have a nearby radar to pick up any enemies that may be hiding on the other side. Artillery cannons also destroy walls effectively.


  • Cost: 10
  • Health when initially built: 25
  • Maximum health: 100


  • It is common to use walls to block vehicles. Even before the wall is upgraded, there is not a vehicle that can charge over it. Keep this in mind when being chased by a heavy tank, and when killing the enemy Command Vehicle.
  • The fastest way to destroy walls is through mortars; although the Engineer's tool comes a close second
  • Use walls defensively. Many players will erect "trenches" when they encounter fierce resistance; this gives that team a great advantage over the enemy.