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Northern Faction
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Brenodi Empire
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Brenodi Empire AFV


The armored fighting vehicle is a light attack vehicle that can be used for supporting early infantry attacks and scouting purposes.


During the start of the Jekotian uprising, the Northern Faction's highly mobile and lightly armored tanks were quickly becoming a major problem for mechanized infantry units, destroying much needed APC's which were improperly equipped to battle armored threats. In a bold move against established military doctrine, Brenodi field commanders issued a field modification of the standard APC to retrofit the turret with a short barreled anti-tank cannon, strip the rear wheels and replace them with readily available tracks from farming tractors and change the cargo configuration to allow for the cannon's ammunition.

This last minute modification did however have its flaws. Due to its intended design as an infantry support APC, the body of the tank is bulkier then most light armor configurations, making it an opportune target for Northern Faction anti-armor units. This flaw is offset by retaining some of its infantry positions in the rear of the vehicle, allowing transportation of troops. Thus the vehicle was dubbed the "Armored Fighting Vehicle" (AFV) instead of a typical naming convention of "light tank".

The AFV proved useful during skirmishes, and managed some success against Northern Faction transports and their 'hit and run' tactics. It has, however, proved ineffective against the Northern Faction's main battle tanks.


  • Seats: 4
  • Non-Equipped Cost: 150
  • Non-Equipped Weight: 634 / 954 (320)
  • Heat Capacity: 100
  • Availability: Imperial

Armor Plates

  • Front: 3
  • Sides: 3
  • Back: 3

Weapon Slots

Cn slot small.gif
  • Cannon: 1

Mg slot small.gif
  • Machine Guns: 1

Ml slot small.gif
  • Missile Launchers: 1