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Northern Faction APC

The APC's role is for the safe carriage of infantry through hostile territory. It is lightly armored but more resiliant to attack than the Jeep, while generally sacrificing speed. However, it can be customized for greater speed by stripping any defensive weaponary and installing a better engine. It can also possess the special ability of allowing units within a squad to respawn from their designated APC so long as their are remaining unused units in the APC and the squad has not been wiped out.


  • Seats: 8
  • Non-Equipped Cost: 60
  • Non-Equipped Weight: 300/600
  • Heat Capacity: 100
  • Availability: Northern and Imperial

Armor Plates

  • Front: 2
  • Sides: 3
  • Back: 2

Weapon Slots

  • Weapon Slots:
  • Machine Guns: 3
  • Grenade Launchers: 3