Ammo Crates

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Northern Faction Ammunition Crate
Imperial Ammunition and Medical Crates
Northern Faction Ammunition and Medical Crates


Ammunition crates are boxes from which players may refill their ammo. It is important to note that you do not spawn with the maximum allotted ammo, and so may increase the amount you are carrying even before you go into combat. Ammunition crates will always prioritize ammo for the weapon you are currently holding, and only once you have reached the maximum will it begin to restock your other weapons.

A temporary ammo crate can be placed anywhere on the map by an engineer. Ammunition crates will last for 120 seconds, although they will take 200 seconds until another may be placed. Ammo crates can also be found inside an Armory and in various locations on some maps alongside health crates. Upon reaching Staff Sergeant, the Engineer may place an unlimited amount of crates, as the cooldown timer is set to 0.

Tip Tip: To use an ammo crate, target it in your crosshair and press the 'use' button (default: 'e').
Tip Tip: Due to its size, the NF ammo crate can be used as quick and temporary cover in many areas.