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The armory contains Ammo Crates and health containers. Like the barracks, players may change their class here. As players spawn with only a third of their ammo, visiting the armory after respawning is always a good idea.


  • Cost : 75
  • Health : 100, weapons that cannot harm vehicles would not be able to harm this building.

Infantry Tips

  • While you may not be able to hear your enemies reloading and cocking their weapons, what you can hear is when they are opening ammunition and health crates. If you hear this sound, chances are good that your opponent is preoccupied with loading up on supplies and will be easily caught off guard. If you hear that familiar 'click' then charge in, guns blazing!
  • To instantly reload all your weapons, press the loadout button (B by default) while inside an armory or barrack, then click "Accept". This may give you a split-second advantage you would have otherwise lost.


Northern Faction

Northern Faction Armory
Northern Faction Armory: Height Comparison

Brenodi Empire

Brenodi Empire Armory
Brenodi Empire Armory: Height Comparison