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(Active (Oldest to youngest))
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* [http://www.bsid-clan.com <nowiki>=[BSID]= Brenodi Sixth Infantry Division</nowiki>] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
* [http://www.bsid-clan.com <nowiki>=[BSID]= Brenodi Sixth Infantry Division</nowiki>] <span style="color:orange">Semi-Active</span>
** Clan Leader: Thor<br>
** Clan Leader: Thor<br>
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* [http://atclan.jigsy.com/members <nowiki>@ Clan</nowiki>] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
* [http://atclan.jigsy.com/members <nowiki>@ Clan</nowiki>] <span style="color:orange">Semi-Active</span>
**Founder: ACE
**Founder: ACE
**Clan Leader: XYBER, VEX
**Clan Leader: XYBER, VEX
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*[http://consortiumw.info The Consortium|.\\] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
*[http://consortiumw.info The Consortium|.\\] <span style="color:orange">Semi-Active</span>
**Clan Leader: FN198
**Clan Leader: FN198
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*[http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MasterEngiesGuild Master Engineers Guild] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
*[http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MasterEngiesGuild Master Engineers Guild] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
**Clan Leader: Squish
**Clan Leader: Squish
*[http://awcclan.freeforums.org Aludarian Wraith Confederation] <span style="color:green">Active</span>
**Clan Leader: Raine
== Inactive and Disbanded==
== Inactive and Disbanded==

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Home > Clan Listing

Below is an alphabetical list of clans and their associated webpages. Please feel free to add yours here, keeping the order and format.

Note Note: Please do not include descriptions more than 50 or so characters, this is supposed to be a quick-reference list.
Warning  Warning: Please either link to your clan's Empires division or have a very easily accessed link to your clan's Empires division on your front page or risk having your listing removed.

Active (Oldest to youngest)

  • @ Clan Semi-Active
    • Founder: ACE
    • Clan Leader: XYBER, VEX

Inactive and Disbanded

  • Frontline Brothers Disbanded
    • Clan Leader: JJ45
    • Special Note: Reformed as the Brückner Division.
  • Inex Ibus - Disbanded
  • Jekotian 9th Division Highguard Disbanded
  • SG - Steel Guardians MIA
    • Clan Leaders:
      • [SG]TeamWolf
      • [SG]Gork (aka SilentStorm)
      • [SG]GummiBear
    • Empires Section Leader:
      • [SG]Jack Der Mörder

  • Commonwealth Warriors Inactive
    • Clan Leader(s): Evan (Founder), Ikalx (General), Silk (Ministry of scrimming)
  • [420]Inactive
    • Clan Leader: Saunders