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Below is an alphabetical list of clans and their associated webpages. Please feel free to add yours here, keeping the order and format.

Note Note: Please do not include descriptions more than 50 or so characters, this is supposed to be a quick-reference list.
Warning  Warning: Please either link to your clan's Empires division or have a very easily accessed link to your clan's Empires division on your front page or risk having your listing removed.


Inactive and Disbanded

  • @ Clan Disbanded
    • Clan Leader: ACE
    • Co Leaders: Recon, Camega
    • Clan Moderators: CeLLuLoid BinK, X
  • Frontline Brothers Disbanded
    • Clan Leader: JJ45
    • Special Note: Reformed as the Brückner Division.
  • Inex Ibus - Disbanded
  • Jekotian 9th Division Highguard Disbanded