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Dedicated Server (Windows)


First of all you need the HLDS Update Tool. This is what we use to update/download the server. You will also need Empires Dedicated Server from the Empires Download Page.

If you want to use Mani Admin Plugin, make sure you download it before going any further.


  • First we need to download the SDS (Source Dedicated Server). To download we open up hldsupdatetool.exe and download the tool to an arbitrary location on your machine, for example:
  • When you have finished installing the update tool open the install folder in a command prompt and type:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir C:\HL2DS  
Tip Tip: Make sure you replace C:\HL2DS with your install path if it's different.

This will download all files necessary to host a Half-Life 2 Deathmatch server (and Empires). And remember to "Go get yourself a cup of coffee." as valve said, this will take some time

  • Install the Empires Dedicated Server files to "C:\HL2DS\empires" (use your own install path).
  • Create a shortcut of srcds.exe and place it where you want then go to properties of the shortcut. Add the following to the end of the shortcut target:
-game empires +maxplayers 14 -port 27015 -console +map emp_canyon -autoupdate

It sould look like this;

srcds.exe -game empires +maxplayers 14 -port 27015 -console +map emp_canyon -autoupdate
Tip Tip: You can adjust your port and maxplayers via the shortcut or the server.cfg file.


Next, edit your mapcycle.txt and server.cfg files to your liking.

Warning  Warning: When editing your server.cfg remember to change your rcon_password and hostname directives!
rcon_password "pass"  //Your rcon password
hostname "Servername" //The name of your server

These are the most important settings to change, there are more in the cfg so test around what is best for you.


You should now be able to double-click your server shortcut, which will start up your dedicated server.

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