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Dedicated Server (Windows)

There are two ways of installing an Empires dedicated server:

Note Note: If updating multiple instances, you will need to apply this for each one. That means running the tool against more than one directory: "C:\****\Empires Main Server"; "C:\****\Empires Test Server"; or wherever your instances are. Open notepad andcopy and paste so there are no typo's.

Download Tool

You can download the tool here.

  • After downloading, extract the RAR.

Downloading Empires

  • Open a command line window and browse to the location of the update tool.
  • Update syntax example:
updatetool.exe -command update / install -game 17740 
-dir "C:\Folder Path to Empires\" -username SteamUsername -password SteamPassword -verify_all 
  • -command update - Tells the tool you are updating an existing server.
  • -command install - Tells the server you are installing a new server.
  • -game 17740 - Tells the server the Steam AppID. In the case of Empires you need to use "17740".
  • -dir - This is the installation path to the Empires Server files. It is probably worth noting that for the author of this tutorial, it was "C:\*****\Empires\orangebox" .
Warning  Warning: It is very important that you use a full local file path & wrap it with quotation marks to help it parse any spaces. Use an existing path in conjuction with "-command update" or a new path in conjunction with "-command install".
  • -username SteamUsername - Where Username is the Steam account you will use to connect to Steam and download the files. It is a good idea to have a separate account set up for this.
  • -password SteamPassword - Self explanatory.
  • -verify_all - This will verify all the files once they have been installed. Highly recommended.
Warning  Warning: If you have not verified the Steam account you are using to update / install your server, an e-mail will be sent with a Steam verification code to the registered primary e-mail account. In this case, you will need to run the same command again but include the verification code by adding this switch:
-steam_guard_code 5char

Where "5char" is replaced by the verification code Steam will e-mail.

Original author: A-z-K

Dedicated Server (Linux)

Linux server is unfortunately unsupported. Valve's version of the Source 2007 engine for Linux is too slow to handle any decent amount of players, and becomes unstable very, very quickly.

Server Extensions

There are several plugins available for use in Empires. Two extension systems are available (and can run in parallel):

  • SourceMod is the most common system, and is used for the majority of plugins. Handy SourceMod plugins that have been confirmed to work on Empires servers are:
    • Ungrief Command Vehicle - Teleports the specified command vehicle to where you are looking. Usage: !ungrief <nf | be | imp>
    • SourceBans - A free global administration and banning system for Source engine based servers.
    • Kigen's Anti-Cheat (Requires Sockets 3.0.1 plugin) - An extensive anti-cheating plugin.
  • SourceOp is less popular, but is required to run an anti-DoS plugin:

Both systems themselves run on MetaMod, allowing them to run in parallel.

Tips and Tricks

Customize server.cfg settings

As the server.cfg (amongst others) can be overwritten during upgrade and you may wish to have your server run in different "modes" such as password protected clan match/practice, increased resource rates for "tank wars", etc, it is best to treat your server.cfg as "read-only".

Any default settings you wish to use can be placed in a separate file such as "myserver.cfg". At the end of server.cfg, you can then add the line "exec myserver.cfg".

This way, server.cfg will then run myserver.cfg and override any server.cfg settings.

Loading various server "modes" can then be done by calling them in the server console:

rcon exec tankwars.cfg

If you want a mode to be automatically loaded after map change / server restart, you can add another line to server.cfg below the "exec myserver.cfg" entry.

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