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You may download Empires clients and servers from the Official Empires Download Page or use some of the mirrors on here that may or may not work better for you.

Note Note: If you have a mirror and would like it added to the list, please contact Kelvin@GameSurge/#empiresmod-docs and ask.

Empires Client

1.05 Beta Patch

You must download 1.0 full then apply this 1.05 patch.

1.0 Beta Full

Empires Server

Empires server is cross-platform and can be set up on both Windows and Linux with the same files.

1.05 Beta

Requires Version 1.01 Beta Full Server to be installed. If you have 1.01 and possibly any other patches have been installed on top of 1.01, then this file will correctly update you to 1.05.

1.01 Beta