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What is the best way to describe Empires Mod?

Empires Mod is a an Half-Life 2 Total Conversion that is best described as an RTS/FPS hybrid; a blending of the two genres. Players may take to the front lines on foot, fighting their opponents directly, or command their faction in an RTS-like manner, placing structures and assigning orders to the other players.

What games are similar to Empires Mod?

A similar ancestor mod from Half-Life 1 is Natural Selection. Like Empires Mod, NS has building and a very strategical play style. However, its theme is much different and it also lacks vehicles.

Also similar are basically any sci-fi RTS games like Red Alert, Total Annihilation, Warzone 2100, etc. Noticable inspirations can be found in Empires Mod, such as the research tech tree and vehicle customization (Warzone 2100).

How much does the mod cost?

It's completely free for Download.

Who is currently developing the mod?

A complete team listing can be found on the Empires Mod Team page.

Where can I join an Empires Mod Clan?

We have a Clan Listing. This will grow in the coming months so if you don't find a clan you like there, check again in a few weeks or why not start your own!

Why can't I find any aircraft?

This is still a Beta version, Aircraft will be included with an upcoming patch.

Why is the game unstable at times?

Empires is currently in public beta, which means that it is not complete. As a result, some issues still exist. The development team is rather small and are doing this all for free, so these things take time. Please be patient and report any issues you may find on the official Forums or on the Bug Tracker.

Where can I download some custom maps?

At the moment there is no specific custom map centre for Empires Mod, keep an eye on the Forums, as well as the Maps section here on the wiki.

Where can I find out even more about Empires Mod?

Have a look at the Manual, or visit the Forums. You can also ask in the main Empires Mod Irc channel #Empiresmod on Gamesurge.net.