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Upgrading a Turret
  • The most important class early on in the game, engineers build the bases that are placed by the commander. Though technically any class can put a building together by approaching it and pressing the USE key (E by default), engineers are given a tool that greatly accelerates the process. Engineers are limited to using light submachine guns but they carry powerful seismic grenades which deal huge amounts of damage to structures
  • The engineer's main asset is a small tool that he keeps clipped to his belt. With this tool an engineer can build and repair vehicles and placed buildings, heal teammates, and even place his own structures. To build, repair, or heal simply walk up to your target and activate the tool while aiming at the target.
  • To create your own structures first right click to bring up the build menu. From here you can build turrets (machine gun or missile), surveillance equipment (cameras to detect infantry, radars to detect vehicles), walls, and crates of ammo. Be aware that there is a time delay between placing multiple ammo crates, so use them wisely.
  • To place walls as an engineer, click on the walls icon in the engineer menu. Then click on the ground where you want your wall to start. You should see a ghost of the wall appear. Drag your mouse to build more wall segments and then click again to complete the wall. You can recycle structures that you have placed by right clicking on them with the tool, and selecting "recycle" from the menu that pops up.
  • The final ability of the engineer tool is perhaps the most exciting to use, and lets you damage enemy vehicles and structures the same way you repair your own. This tool has a limited amount of energy, but as long as you keep it out the tool will regenerate its supply.
  • With his skills the engineer can expand his role as a mechanic or a medic, with his versatility limited only by the number of skill slots the player has unlocked. Healing Upgrade and Repair Upgrade are the most basic skills of the class. Healing Upgrade increases the amount of health given for a certain amount of the engineer tool's energy, and Repair Upgrade increases the amount repaired.
  • The engineer tool can also be given the ability to Revive an engineer's fallen comrades, making an engineer an invaluable member of a squad both during and after firefights. To revive a teammate who has not yet respawned, activate the tool while pointing at his body. You must be near the teammate's body for this to work.
  • Engineers can also use their skills to modify the engine in a driven vehicle, increasing the Vehicle Cooling, or the rate at which the engine dissipates heat. This lets a vehicle driven by an engineer maintain continuous fire for a longer period of time than would be otherwise possible.
  • Finally, the engineer can upgrade his own turrets, granting them increased lethality by increasing their damage and range. The Turret Upgrade skill lets engineers who have placed and built a turret upgrade that turret, first to level 2, and then to level 3. These turret levels correspond to those that the commander can research. Note, however, that an engineer cannot upgrade a turret that was placed by the commander. To upgrade a turret approach it and right click on it with the engineer tool. Select "upgrade turret" from the menu, and then build your now upgraded turret. Remember that while you're upgrading it the turret is deactivated and vulnerable. These turrets are not to be underestimated.