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  • When the going gets tough the tough call for anti-armor support, and thats exactly what the grenadier delivers. In a direct fight the class shows its teeth with a standard RPG. The missiles are guided, so watch where you point it. The RPG launcher converts into a mortar for those times when a straight rocket just won't cut it. To use the mortar just crouch and let the shells fly. Finally, the grenadier can lay mines, up to a maximum of 8, for defense.
  • Grenadiers do not trip mines, neither when walking nor driving over them. This makes the class extremely useful for detecting and clearing minefields. Grenadiers can defuse mines with the Defuse skill by crouching on the mine, aiming, and pressing the USE key (E by default) for a few seconds. When the going gets tough the tough call for anti-armor support, and that’s exactly what the grenadier delivers.
  • Arguably the most useful skill of the grenadier is Artillery Feedback, granting the class superiority in that area of combat. The skill works by indicating, with a diamond on the minimap, the area in which the player's last shell or missile exploded. The skill applies not only to artillery cannons and the class' mortar weapon, but also to the handheld RPG and any vehicle mounted cannon or missile launcher.
  • A tactical skill is Armor Detection, which lets the grenadier see the percentage of armor on the targeted side of a vehicle. This is especially useful when an enemy's armor has been destroyed on one side but has turned so that an undamaged side faces your team.
  • On the defensive a grenadier is most at home in a vehicle, increasing its resilience with the skill Increased Armor. This skill reduces damage dealt to a driven vehicle, letting a skilled grenadier remain on the battlefield long after others have been reduced to scrap.