Guiding Principles

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The goal of Empires is for players to have fun. We try to keep the following principles in mind when making choices about game design:

  1. Empires should be fun.
  2. Empires should be easy to learn
    1. Empires should be intuitive to use when coming from other popular games
    2. Actions in-game should be predictable
    3. There shouldn't be parts of the game that you're not supposed to use.
    4. In-game actions should be discoverable
    5. If you do nothing, your team should not lose the game
      • One person should not swing the game
    6. This should also be true of the commander and teamlead roles
  3. Empires should have enough depth to make it hard to master
    1. Interactions between game design elements can give experienced players a slight advantage. (This shouldn't be mandatory to play the game)