Imperial Heavy Tank

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Brenodi Empire Heavy Tank


The ultimate tank with both incredible firepower and sturdy armor, the power of its dual cannons cannot be matched by any other tank. Its main weaknesses are its slow speed and high cost. Most of the time, armor has to be sacrificed to have weapons or vice versa.


During the cold period predating the Brenodi-Jekotian war, both sides were engaged in a constant arms race. One side reacting to the other's latest arms presentation with something equal or better. Eventually this build up combined with the discovery of the destructive power of the atom culminated into the tactical mobile heavy weapons platform. A massive tank capable of delivering a small nuclear payload to utterly wipe out any opposition.

Designed for the front-lines it featured a dual cannon configuration, a heavy duty missile launcher (later adapted to hold nuclear missile payloads) and multiple MG ports to suppress enemy infantry. In all it was a very well-rounded fighting platform capable of both anti-tank and base assault roles. It passed the combat trials, though it was noted the tank was not very fast. The drawback was outweighed to its ability to withstand multiple RPG and armor-piercing attacks underlining its massive armor and its ability to quickly destroy anything in its path (once it arrived).

After the trials every produced unit was quietly stationed along the Jekotian border and when it was displayed publicly during the Formation day parade (as is usual with new military hardware), it quickly became the symbol of Brenodi military might. A miniaturized version was briefly the best-selling toy in the capitol.

When the ancient ruins were discovered and the stand-off escalated, the heavy tank was put to the test in combat. It proved extremely efficient; very little of their number were destroyed during the few armor battles that were fought and the nuclear payload made short work of any fixed defenses encountered. Also as a side note, the tank's effectiveness as a symbol became very apparent when a stiffly resisting Jekotian military stronghold surrendered when the heavy tanks made their appearance.

Even though the heavy tank can now be considered "old" and by some is thought of as "unsuitable" and "overpowered" for deployment in the current escalation between the Brenodi Empire and Northern Faction it still retains some of its uses thanks to constant updates and upgrades to the armor, engine and chassis configurations. Its only significant flaws remain the original ones; its speed and size. Because of the limited size of the uprising most heavy tanks are stored at their appropriate depots and are only called in by field commanders when the situation warrants it. Indeed, the entry of heavy tanks on the battlefield probably exemplifies the Northern Faction's resolve and resourcefulness if the symbol of the Empire is required to quell an uprising.

It is also noted, in the few engagements with the NF it was available, that the heavy tank does not perform well in urban environments, due to limited maneuvering space, collateral damage to civilians, the usage of mines and the guerrilla's ability to attack its weak top and rear armor.


  • Seats: 2
  • Non-Equipped Cost: 900
  • Non-Equipped Weight: 867/1337 (470)
  • Heat Capacity: 100
  • Availability: Imperial

Armor Plates

  • Front: 6
  • Sides: 6
  • Back: 6

Weapon Slots

Cn slot large.gif
  • Cannon: 2X3

Cn slot large.gif

Mg slot med.gif
  • Machine Guns: 2

Ml slot large.gif
  • Missile Launchers: 3