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Infantry Weapon Characteristics Documentation
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Falloff is the range a bullet can travel until it starts to lose damage. It will continue to do so until it reaches the weapon's MinimalDamage. Defaults to 500 if not explicitly defined. This attribute is written as an integer, and can range from 0 to 1 million.

This is the formula used to calculate the damage of a bullet:

max (damage * falloff_base^ (distance / falloff_distance), minimal_damage)

  • damage: the Damage described in the weapon script.
  • falloff_base: the Falloff_Base described in the weapon script. Defaults to 0.85.
  • distance: the distance taken ingame.
  • fallloff_distance: the Falloff desribed in the weapon script. Defaults to 500.
  • minimal_damage: the MinimalDamage described in the weapon script.