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When you are playing Empires, you may come across some jargon you don't understand. Here is a list of the most commonly used bits of Empires jargon. Also see this thread.


3 Phase - Refers to the (3 Phase Electric) Engine upgrade.


APC rush - Building a Vehicle Factory at the beginning of the game, constructing an APC from it, getting all players inside it, and then driving off to the enemy base to quickly destroy their barracks and CV before they have defense.

Arty - Artillery Vehicle.

Arty Whore - Unsportsmanlike use of the artillery.


Bar - Barracks.

BE - Refers to the "Brenodi Empire" Team.

Blitzkrieg - Usually started when both sides decide to APC rush. In a blitzkrieg the bases will move from place to place very quickly. There's no time to build defense because it wouldn't be done before the base would be rushed, so it's better to just set up a new base elsewhere.


Calculator/Calc - Engineers tool which can be used to heal/repair/build structures or units.

Cam - Surveillance camera constructed by engineers to detect near-by enemy infantry.

Chem - Chemistry.

Chokepoint - A spot in a map that is often camped, and where battles most often take place. These also are the routes that are most easily defendable.

Cloaker - Typically used in emp_escort and sometimes in emp_district402; a scout with hide that has or is in the act of sneaking past your defenses to capture the flag unnoticed.

Comm – Commander.

Comm Suicide - A usually malicious act of a commander that consists of intentionally destroying team's own Command Vehicle by driving it off a high cliff, into deep water, etc (e.g. anything that would cause the CV to be destroyed quickly).

Coolant - Refers to the Adv. Coolant Engines that can be researched.

Crash Dumps - Files generated by the game whenever it crashes. These files contain debugging information used by developers to track down bugs responsible for the crash.

CV - Command Vehicle.


Death APC - APC with extensive armor, weapons, and (usually) engine upgrades.

Decon - Short for "Deconstruct"; an Engineer's ability to un-build and destroy enemy structures with the engineer tool.


Engy - Engineer Class.

Engy Tool - Engineers tool which can be used to heal/repair/build structures or units.

ER - Extended Range Cannons.


Fireworks - When commander sets several turrets in one place and an engineer builds them to 99% and finishes them all almost instantly. Usually next to enemy base or strongpoint.


Gameboy - Engineers tool which can be used to heal/repair/build structures or units.

Gren - Grenadier Class.

Griefer - Someone who intends to ruin the game, usually by destroying the commander vehicle. Can also sometimes mean Grenadier.


HE Cannons - A popular research upgrade (High Explosive Cannon).

Heavies - Heavy tank.





Lights - Light tank.

LT - Northern Faction Light Tank.

LT Rush - Attacking early with many light tanks that have no upgrades or fast upgrades before BE has proper tank research.


Meds - Medium tanks(not med packs).

MG - Machine Gun Turret.

ML - Missile Launcher Turret.


Nade - Grenade.

Nader - Another term for a person spamming nades.

Nadespam - The act of constantly throwing grenades into some chokepoint while picking up new ones from an ammo box in means to prevent the other team from advancing.

Ninja - The attempt of a player to sneak into the enemy base and destroy key structures (especially the CV) without the enemy noticing before it is too late.

Ninjaneer- A Ninja Engineer; Usually used when the game is almost one sided; Ninjaneers can turn an entire game around if done correctly, but are sometimes frowned upon because people can't understand that ninjaneers are within game boundries, especially when Ninjaneers are used on them.

NF - Refers to the "Northern Faction" Team.



Paper Tank/Arty/Armor - A vehicle armored with the basic (weak) armor. Also applies to tanks that have one plate of armor on all sides regardless of armor type.

Poop or Pewp - Placing a structure close to a resource node to temporarily prevent the enemy from building a refinery on that node.



Rax - Less used abbreviation for Barracks.

Ref - Refinery.

Res - Resources, the "money" for Empires and therefore required to build anything.

Rev - Revive.

Rez - Revive, whereas the word is derived from "resurrect".

RTFM - Read the fuckin' manual (Popular acronym uttered when a new player asks a question).


Sploit - from "exploit"; using a bug to gain unfair advantage over the enemy. Examples include clipping into geometry, falling under the world, getting to places inaccessible by design, etc.

Spotting - Use of radio command or scout binoculars to mark enemy units/buildings for the sight of infantry, tanks, and artillery vehicles.

Stack/Stacked - Referring to when the teams are uneven and there are more players on one team than the other.

Stalingrad - When one team has almost defeated the other team, but ends up losing because they run out of tickets before the other team, and soon get outnumbered.

Suicide - Often the only resort to getting "unstuck," or used to get somewhere else in a hurry; pulling down the console with the tilde (~) key, typing "kill" (without quotes) and pressing enter.


The Pub - Light APCs that serve no purpose other than a spawn point.

Tickets - How many more "lives" the team has to spare.

Turret Climbing - Rapidly building and trashing turrets as an engineer in means to build a "ladder" in order to get on top of high places. Often considered exploiting / cheating.

Turret Farming - Act of creating multiple turrets in a localized area.



Vanilla Tank/Arty/Armor - Refers to a tank with no upgrades.

VF - Vehicle Factory.


Wall - To rush the enemy CV, and build walls around it, therefore trapping it.