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{{See|[[Factions]], [[Storyline]]}}
{{See|[[Factions]], [[Storyline]]}}

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The Jekotian empire was formed out of various groups that sprang forth after the collapse of the Great Empire. They were in a state of cold war with the Brenodi Empire which heated up after the discovery of the ruins of the ancient Empire's capital. Most of Jekotia's major populace areas (among it infrastructure, political offices, governing body, military command in it's capital) were destroyed after a series of earthquakes and disasters triggered by Brenodi experiments within the ruins. The remainder of Jekotia had no other choice but to agree to Brenodi demands, effectively ending the war and ceasing to exist as a nation, becoming part of the Brenodi Empire.

Biological incompatibility to Brenodi nanotechnology after centuries of Jekotian genetic manipulation caused civil unrest and the direct cause to the uprising and the second formation of the Northern Faction.

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