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The Empires loading screen gets its data from a single script file, namely emp_map_loading_data.txt, which can be found in the 'scripts' folder.


Each subkey under "MapLoadingData" is either the name of an Empires map, or "generic". Generic is a special case, which contains data that can be shown during any map load. When you define map-specific data, the game will randomly select between the map-specific data and the generic data.

Note Note: More specifically, both music and HTML will only be loaded when the "connect" console command is issued. You can quickly test your music or HTML ingame by typing 'connect'.

Kinds of data

Each subkey contains two more subkeys: "html" and "music". The data under both of these subkeys is randomly selected.


The music subkey contains a list of music URLs (at the moment mp3's, but it can play anything that FMOD Ex supports). It has full access to the 'sound' folder. A single song will play when connecting to a server.


The html subkey contains a list of HTML URLs that are loaded when connecting to a server.

Warning  Warning: Do not use animations or animated images on an HTML file for the loading screen. When it is actually connecting to a server and loading all game data, the framerate will drop to a crawl and any animations will stop functioning.

Extra HTML parameters

The game also provides a querystring to each HTML file containing the following fields, whose values it attempts to get from the server it is connecting to:

  • map (default: "none")
  • players (default: "0")
  • maxplayers (default: "0")
  • ispassworded (default: "0")
  • issecure (default: "0")