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* [[Skills]]
* [[Skills]]
* [[Tips]]
* [[Tips]]
* [[Jargon]]
* [[Client_Optimization|Client Optimization]]
* [[Client_Optimization|Client Optimization]]

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Welcome to the Empires Mod wiki, home to documentation, guides, tips, and other useful information for players and developers. The contents of this site are maintained and policed by the community for the better of the whole, please be considerate and enjoy what others have spent much time putting together for everyone.

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General Information

The following pages are of general interest to players.

Classes and Skills

Empires Mod features four different classes, each with unique abilities.

Additionally, with experience, players can gain ranks, opening up new Skills that grant special or improved abilities.

Developer Documentation

The following pages contain information useful to the developers, mappers, modelers, and other contributors to the mod.


Important Links

Wiki Stuff

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