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Minimap of con_district402

General Map Information

District402 is a conquest map, and is strictly infantry-only. There are no Command Vehicles on this map. Both teams start at a set spawn point; Northern Faction spawns in a bunker, Brenodi Empire spawns at a static APC that cannot be moved or manned. Engineers cannot build any walls on this map.

This map features a sewer system, which is accessible via destroyable manholes scattered throughout the streets. The sewers add another dimension to game play: narrow passages with many twists and turns offer an alternative way to penetrate enemy lines.

Objectives and Conditions

This map utilizes a "Push" style of gameplay for both factions, which means that both teams must capture flags in sequence (i.e. flags cannot be "skipped"), while protecting their already captured flags. Once a flag is captured by one team the other team can re-capture it. Each flag opens up spawn point which is located at the previous flag's location, thus allowing slow progression.

Both teams start off with 150 tickets. As always, one ticket is subtracted from the teams' score for every soldier that respawns. If a team loses all their flags, they lose.

Squad Level Tactics

It is extremely important to be in a squad for this map, since it is small. Often times, a squad will stick together and rush early on in the game. This is especially helpful, as capturing the fourth flag usually signals a win for that team. One tactic seldom used is rushing the middle building, and placing a turret on the window. *Pictures Will Be In On 1/17/09* Getting this early advantage and sustaining it will keep you and your team alive and happy.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

  • Well-timed grenades around a corner will often kill or severely injure an enemy.
  • The sewers are a great alternate way of moving around quickly, if the enemy has teammates pinned down you should try and get behind them.
  • Beware of mines while in the sewers. Low lighting conditions, frequent twists and turns and shallow water are perfect for hiding mines.
  • Turrets are easier to take down inside the sewers due to their inability to target enemy soldiers that are peeking from around the corners.

Tips and Tricks

  • Located at the middle flag is a building. If done correctly, an ammo box can be laid at the top-right corner of the building, and it is possible to crawl on it. Using this technique, a person can easily kill anyone behind the tank, and in the middle area.
  • In the same position mentioned above, it is possible to build a turret on the window; if done correctly, that is. When made to a level 3, this turret will surely prevent anyone coming into the middle grounds.
  • A technique every team finds useful is 'nade spamming'. Simply have an engineer lay an ammunitions box, and let your riflemen have fun lobbing nades into the middle area; where it's most effective.
  • As the battle wears on, the sewers are sometimes left forgotten. The simplest thing is to lay some mines along the sewers, as well as the sewertops.
  • The key to this is tickets. More often than not, a team will win because tickets were saved. Even in the beginning, it is better to be able to revive.

Points of Interest

There is a building in the middle, allowing for quick retreat and unexpected fire.

Both teams can and should use the cover in the middle, however do not think you are protected. It is common to 'nade spam' and you will be flushed out.

Near towards the end of the battle, people usually forget about the sewers. Use this to your advantage and plan a group assault.