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Minimap of Emp_Glycencity

General Map Information

The Brenodi Empire has taken over Glycen City and set up an ICA division to assimilate the Jekotian city into the empire. The Northern Faction must gather a rebellion in the city to thwart their attempts, or the city will fall into the Empire's hands.

Glycen City is a conquest type map with five flags, and allows vehicles to be constructed from a pre-built Vehicle Factory.

Ingame screenshot

Objectives and Conditions

This map utilizes a "Push" style of gameplay for both factions, which means that both teams must capture flags in sequence (i.e. flags cannot be "skipped"), while protecting their already captured flags. Once a flag is captured by one team the other team can re-capture it. Each flag opens up spawn point which is located ahead of the previous flag, thus allowing slow progression.

Both teams start off with 150 tickets. As always, one ticket is subtracted from the teams' score for every soldier that respawns. If a team loses all their tickets or flags, they lose.

Squad Level Tactics

The irreplaceable vehicle factories are your most important asset in this map; defending them is absolutely crucial. If you lose your vehicle factory, then it is supremely difficult to take new flags without an APC, and you will not have the benefit of tank support. Some teams have seen success by assigning a person to permanently guard their factory, to ensure that it is not lost.

It can also be worth parking an APC near your vehicle factory, as it is a 20 second walk from the closest permanent spawn point. This not only saves time for people seeking to construct vehicles, but also proves useful when falling back quickly in order to defend this vital structure from the enemy.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

There are many opportunities for flanking in and around this map, so watch out for side-streets or obscured routes that you could use to sneak up on the enemy. Equally, keep an eye out in all directions in order to avoid being flanked yourself.

Hidden scouts can be particularly effective on this map, mainly due to the combination of shadowy hiding places and well-travelled routes such as doorways around the center flag. The simplest way to avoid becoming the victim of an easy head-shot is to keep moving. Even when re-supplying, step from side to side in order to throw off the enemy's sights. If the enemy team is employing sniper tactics, and you still have a working vehicle factory, be sure to use tanks for transport and cover as much as possible.

Points of Interest

There are several "mini-flags" scattered throughout the map, each gives a small amount of resources. You will have more resources for tanks if you control more flags.