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Canyon is a canyon with an unscalable mountain area in the center. There are four chokepoints where the center mountain reaches close to the outer walls of the map, dividing the arena into four quadrants. The NF start in the North-west, and the Bren in the South-East. approximetly each cardinal direction. The north chokepoint is at (?-?), the south chokepoint is at (c-3), the east chokepoint is at (?-?), and the west chokepoint is at (?-?).

  • Points of Interest

A good NF scout can use hide and the tree cover granted in the forest at (D1) to hinder all Bren expansion into the south pass early on. Just be ready to retreat when the first tanks are produced. From these woods, one can see the far wall of the canyon before the Steam engine has rendered the Bren buildings; be sure to hold your fire until you're sure the enemy is in range.

  • Commander Tactics

The canyon chokepoints are critical defensive boundries on this map. The first infantry rush towards the north and south chokepoints usually dictate who will dominate the first half of the match.

It's a common NF stratedgy to establish a forward base on the hill in the far South-West corner of the South-West quadrant: (A1/B1). This gives the NF team easy access to the south pass, and grants their infantry tree cover on the approach. A daring commander can comm-rush this position and set up a barracks quickly.

Bren commanders usually establish a forward base near (C3), sealing the chokepoint with walls and turrets. Alternativly, one could comm-rush North from the start, establishing a base near the center of the North-West quadrant, north of the east pass at (?-?). This is a less defensable position than the NF base at (A1/B1).