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Minimap of Emp_Isle

Commander Strategies

West Hills: Control of the refinery in the hills at b5 is very important and gives it's controller a considerable advantage. This location puts you in very close striking distance of the adjacent refineries at b4 and a6. The refinery at b4 will soon fall under your control if you hold b5 because it is incredibly easy to destroy the beach-side ref from the upper ground. Furthermore, an assault from the south is very difficult because of the lack of cover and the narrow path. If your base is far enough north, you can strike at the refinery at b6 easily as well. Furthermore, whoever has a forward base at this location will quickly and easily be able to storm the hills to the enemy's original base in very short order. Simply put, control this location if at all possible. Although both BE and NF can reach this point at about the same time early in the game, the BE have an easier time defending it because of tree cover. The east hills are difficult for the NF to assault because of their one ladder access point, so if the NF fail to conquer the northwest, they will find themselves pinned down in the valleys of the map quickly and painfully.

Infantry Strategies

Rocket Sniping: The unusual geography of this map presents an unusual and under-used tactic, and a challenge for a base placed on hills. Large buildings such as a VF are very vulnerable up here--something as simple as a grenadier's rocket launcher can effectively snipe the building from across the map. All one needs is someone to spot the building (not difficult considering it's placement), a fairly quiet area to launch from (not difficult considering the rocket's long range), and an ammo crate. As few as two grenadiers and one spotter can decimate large buildings from halfway across the map with impunity (needless to say, an entire team of coordinated grenadiers spread out across many hills is deadly and can decimate an entire forward base in seconds). Walls are a quick and easy counter to this technique for small buildings like refineries and armories, but against large ones retaliation is difficult.

NF are at a bit of a disadvantage because of this, if an NF commander places the tall barracks on the hills he risks getting it destroyed unless a strong show of force is available to deter attackers, and a barracks is essential to a strong forward base.

Points of Interest

Middle Plain: The Middle has a Super Node that gives 2X the output of other resource nodes, but is incredibly hard to defend from enemy fire.

West Hills: The West Hills provide a direct route to the enemy base, while there are 7 resource nodes to grab and defend from it. As noted above, whoever controls these hills can attack the enemy base at their leisure.

East Hills: The East Hills are easily defensible and often ignored, while they house 3 resource nodes close to each other. If you have the lower right hill as BE, you can invade the NF base from the side and/or the hill. Furthermore, these hills are incredibly easy to reach as BE, but take farther to get to and are more difficult to assault from the NF position.