Northern Heavy Tank

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Northern Faction Heavy Tank

The Norther Heavy Tank is the Northern Faction's attempt to improve on their Medium Tank's chassis. The chassis has been modified to support more armor and a larger payload. Packing two missile launcher slots, it is the most powerful vehicle available to the Northern Faction, capable of reducing all in it's path to rubble. However, it is also very expensive, and prospective drivers may need to sacrifice some degree of armor or weaponry in production, as often the weight constraints do not allow for the desired loadout.


  • Seats: 2
  • Non-Equipped Cost: 270
  • Non-Equipped Weight: 926/1396 (470)
  • Heat Capacity: 100
  • Availability: Northern

Armor Plates

  • Front: 6
  • Sides: 6
  • Back: 6

Weapon Slots

Cn slot large.gif
  • Cannon: 3

Mg slot med.gif
  • Machine Guns: 2

Ml slot large.gif
Ml slot med.gif
  • Missile Launchers: 5