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The Commander may research various technologies to make his team and their vehicles much more powerful. Following a traditional RTS-style tech tree, the progression through research is branched and varied. Two teams may take completely different paths for research depending on their play style.

Note Note: Research requires that the team have a Radar facility operational.

The best place for information on each tech is the Empires Mod Research Tree Appendix.


Researching is handled by the Commander and requires the presence of a Radar facility. There is a Research button in the lower right corner of the commander interface, clicking this will bring up a dialogue showing current research progress and a link to the tech tree for further research. Clicking on the View Tree button shows something like this:

Comm research.jpg
  • A hex with a lock symbol in it means you need to research the top-level tree to get to the sub-items.
  • Any hex with filled in blocks indicates a tree you have access to.
  • Any hex with a wire-frame box indicates something you can research but haven't yet.

Research takes time, generally a minute or two for each topic, and costs a certain amount of resources. For this reason, it's very important to keep your Refineries operational.

Note Note: Once a research entry is complete, a message is sent to all players on the commander's team informing them of the advancement.

Tech Tree Images

A number of graphical representations of the tech tree are floating around out there, some widely used, others not. Below you will find some of these. Only the first one is the actual official version.

Official Tech Tree Image
Physics Tree (Printable Version)
Mechanical Engineering Tree (Printable Version)
Electrical Engineering Tree (Printable Version)
Chemistry Tree (Printable Version)
Biology Tree (Printable Version)