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Progress Bar that rotates an image around its center. Inherits all properties from ProgressBar.

Mid Point

The mid point the image rotates around is calculated as follows:
x = rotating_x + rot_origin_x_percent * rotating_wide
y = rotating_y + rot_origin_y_percent * rotating_tall

Known Bugs

This element does not have a GetSettings implementation and cannot be edited with javascript.


Properties Inherited from RotatingProgressBar

  • image: The image to rotate
  • start_degrees: The amount of degrees for 0%
  • end_degrees: The amount of degrees for 100%
  • approach_speed: The maxmium amount of degrees per second it can turn. Defaults to 360.
  • rot_origin_x_percent: The origin x point from 0 to 1. Defaults to 0.5 (center) See: Mid Point
  • rot_origin_y_percent: The origin y point from 0 to 1. Defaults to 0.5 (center) See: Mid Point
  • rotating_x: Defaults to 0. See: Mid Point
  • rotating_y: Defaults to 0. See: Mid Point
  • rotating_wide: Defaults to 0. See: Mid Point
  • rotating_tall: Defaults to 0. See: Mid Point

Properties Inherited from ProgressBar

  • analogValue: Value between 0 and 1 to indicate amount of progress
  • variable: The cvar to use as progress. (Divided by 100)

Properties Inherited from Panel

  • fieldName: Determines the name of the control.
  • xpos: Determines the horizontal offset from the top left (by default) of the parent panel.
  • ypos: Determines the vertical offset from the top left (by default) of the parent panel.
  • wide: Determines the width of the control.
  • tall: Determines the height of the control.
  • zpos: Determines the depth of the panel. Deeper panels are drawn first. Lower numbers = deeper.
  • pinCorner: The pinned corner is the one positioned at xpos/ypos. Values are: TOPLEFT (default), TOPRIGHT, BOTTOMLEFT, BOTTOMRIGHT
  • pinnedCornerOffsetX:
  • pinnedCornerOffsetY:
  • unpinnedCornerOffsetX:
  • unpinnedCornerOffsetY:
  • visible: Determines if the control will be drawn.
  • enabled: Determines if the control is enabled. Used by controls higher up the chain (like Buttons).
  • ignoreScheme:
  • tabPosition: Determines the tab order of the control.
  • tooltiptext: Determines the tooltip text to show when you hover over this control.
  • paintbackground: Paint the background color of this control.
  • paintBackgroundType:
  • paintborder: Paint the border of this control.
  • autoResize: Sets which edges of the panel can be resized. Values are: 0 (NO, default), 1 (RIGHT), 2 (DOWN), 3 (DOWNANDRIGHT)
  • fgcolor_override: Sets the foreground color
  • bgcolor_override: Sets the background color