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  • The scout class is well-suited for forward reconnaissance and stealth. As the scout you can opt for short range sub-machine guns or a light scoped rifle. You also spawn with a set of binoculars, which can be used to call for an artillery strike. To call out a target simply zoom in and press the fire button. A red attack diamond will appear at your target. Scouts also spawn with smoke or concussion grenades.
  • The scout class' skills at evasion and detection more than make up for its less powerful weaponry. At the forefront of the list is the scout's Hide ability, which makes him invisible to enemies when crouching for a long period of time. To use this, simply crouch and wait. You are semi-transparent when crouching against a single wall, and all but invisible when hiding in a corner.
  • Knowing the tricks of his trade, the scout can use his Enhanced Senses to detect nearby enemies, even those who are hidden. As you approach an enemy an arrow signifying his location will appear on your minimap, faintly at first, but with growing brightness as you near him. Surprise attacks just got a whole lot harder.
  • But what spec ops kit would be complete without a Weapon Silencer? In Empires this ability's effects are twofold - not only does it cut the noise made by every shot in half, but it also hides your kill and death messages from other players. How sure are you that the scout is dead?
  • The final two skills of the scout affect vehicles that he drives. The first, Radar Stealth, makes electronic detection of the vehicle almost impossible. The second, Vehicle Speed, increases the vehicle's speed.