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Notice the skill boxes on the bottom

Skills are gained by getting promoted to a new rank, which are as follows:

Insignia Rank Required Rank Points
Private.gif Private (PVT) at least 0 rank points
PFC.gif Private First Class (PFC) at least 10 rank points
Corporal.gif Corporal (CPL) at least 20 rank points
Sergeant.gif Sergeant (SGT) at least 30 rank points
Staff-Sergeant.gif Staff Sergeant (SSG) at least 40 rank points
Sergeant-1st-Class.gif Sergeant First Class (SFC) at least 50 rank points
Master-Sergeant.gif Master Sergeant (MSG) at least 60 rank points

Rank points are rewarded when players:

  • Kill other players
  • Destroy enemy structures
  • Destroy enemy vehicles
  • Repair 100 units worth of structures or equipment (excluding your own structures, but including dis-assembly of enemy equipment)
  • Heal 200 health points of friendly players
  • Revive a dead teammate (Engineer)
  • Command (Commander)
  • Participate in Squads
  • Spot a vehicle or building that is then destroyed by another player (Scout)
  • Sabotage 2 buildings (Scout)
  • Defuse 2 mines (Grenadier)

Once you gain enough skill points to advance to the next rank, a new skill slot is opened in the class selection dialogue. The player is promoted once for every 10 points received. There is a maximum of 4 skill slots available.

General Skills

General Skills
  • Health Upgrade: Increases your maximum amount of health to 130%. The ability to take more damage makes this a good upgrade to use if you don't know what other skills to get.
  • Health Regeneration: Slowly regenerates health. This is not enough to give you an edge in a firefight, but it will allow you to engage in another fight without having to retreat to a suitable healing unit.
  • Ammo Increase: Increases your total amount of carried ammo by a factor of two (carry twice as much ammo). Can be helpful depending on which weapon you use.
  • Stamina Increase: Increases your total available stamina, a good skill for dashing from one piece of cover to the next.
  • Speed Upgrade: Increases the normal moving, running and sprinting speeds to 115% their normal value, and is generally useful when you don't have access to vehicles but have to reach the front line very quickly.
  • Accuracy Upgrade: Increases accuracy while crouched, stopped and even moving. Better accuracy is always good and this is a good skill to take if you don't know what else to get.
  • Melee Upgrade: Increases the damage, range, and area covered by your melee attacks. Melee attacks with this skill become deadly, but this skill should only be taken in maps that will involve close-quarters combat.

Class-Specific Skills

In addition to general skills, each class has a set of its own unique abilities. These skills can be accessed on the Skill Selection screen by expanding the dropdown in the upper-left side and choosing the Class Specific option.


Engineer Skills
  • Healing Upgrade: Increases the rate at which you heal team mates.
  • Repair Upgrade: Increases the rate at which you repair friendly structures and vehicles and disassemble the enemy's. Considered the most powerful of the Engineer's skills.
  • Turret Upgrade: Allows the Engineer to upgrade their own turrets, regardless of team research level.
  • Revive: Allows the Engineer to bring a fallen team mate back to life (the player will not have to use a ticket when spawning during this process) Select your engineer tool and use it on the fallen teammate. Has a limited range. Will not work on a player who suicided.
  • Vehicle Cooling Increases the rate of driven vehicles heat dissipation by 10%.


Grenadier Skills
  • Defusal: Allows the Grenadier to remove enemy mines from the field, clearing the way for others to safely pass. Grenadiers can also step on mines and drive on them without harm when they have this skill activated.
  • Artillery Feedback: Shows an indicator on the minimap, in the form of a white diamond, which marks the location of the last shell's contact point (from mortar, RPG, artillery tanks, or vehicle-mounted missile launchers).
  • Armor Detection: Allows the Grenadier to know the health of enemy vehicles. When the crosshair is pointed at an enemy vehicle, it will be displayed at the bottom of the player's screen in the same manner as if the player were inside it. This includes the status of armor plating on all sides of the targeted vehicle.
  • Increased Armor: Reduces damage dealt to the armor of a vehicle piloted by the grenadier.


Scout Skills
  • Hide: Become transparent by staying crouched or prone for at least five seconds (each promotion lets you become transparent 1 second faster). The Scout becomes less visible with more of his body touching a wall or walls. It will conceal the user from Machine Gun turrets and prevent the enemy commander from targeting the Scout, but it doesn't conceal one from enemy cameras, or from an enemy Scout with the "Enhanced Senses" skill. However, it automatically deactivates when firing guns, standing, or taking damage, but does not deactivate when using melee attacks.
  • Enhanced Senses: You have access to both allied and enemy information on your minimap. Works like a portable camera, but this ability has a small radius, the information is not conveyed to team-mates, and the targets aren't highlighted on your main screen. However, there is no delay between the enemy location and the information presented on your screen, so unlike camera's targeting squares, you know exactly where the enemy is. Furthermore, this enhanced mini-map displays everything that the enemy can normally see- you know exactly what direction the enemy is facing, if the enemy calls for a medic or ammunition using voice commands, and if the enemy unit is the Squad leader.
  • Weapon Silencer: Reduces weapon noise by 50%, and hides kill and death messages. A unit killed by the Scout will not appear on the game's kill counter, even as a suicide- the only way to confirm his death is by checking the death or kill tallies on the scoreboard.
  • Vehicle Speed: Increase speed of any vehicle the player drives by 20%.
  • Radar Stealth: Hides the player, and any vehicle he drives, from both surveillance structures and the enemy scouts with the 'Enhanced Senses' skill.


Rifleman Skills
  • Dig In: Deals 50% of all damage taken to the stamina meter whilst crouching or prone.
  • Improved Rifle Damage: Increases Rifle and Pistol damage by 10%.
  • Improved Vehicle Damage: Increase vehicle weapon damage by 10%