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Squad Display in Upper Left

By being part of a squad, you are automatically awarded a temporary rank that is used for personal skills. Upon joining or forming the squad, you will note that the first skill becomes unlocked even though you have not reached the first promotion yet. You can activate this bonus skill as you normally would at the Armory, Barracks or near a captured flag. While in a squad you can see your squadmates name, health, ammunition, and action status in your HUD. When a squadmate is under attack it will flash red, when they are attacking it will flash yellow. If your squadmates die in combat, they will appear with red X's over their names. You will also earn rank points more quickly for participating in squads.

The benefits of participating in squads are as follows:

  • You gain a skill without having the first promotion. This allows you to become more efficient right off the bat.
  • You earn 1 rank point for every 10(?) rank points earned by all of your squad mates. This allows the members of squads to gain promotions more quickly.
  • Other squad members have a color-coded arrow above their nametags: Green for idle, Yellow for attacking and Red for dead. This allows you to see where your squad is concentrated without having to look at the minimap.
  • Names, health, ammunition and current action is displayed on your HUD for every squad member. Just like the arrows, the box es containing that information are color-coded based on players' current status.
  • Members of all squads are clearly marked on the minimap with a letter of their squad (A for alpha, B for beta, etc.) This lets you get a better picture of how your team is spread out on the map.
  • The Commander is able to give orders to entire squads. This allows the Commander to quickly direct several soldiers at once to perform a specific task, rather than giving orders to each unit separately.
Note Note: The bonus skill is only useful if you don't have your first promotion yet, since only the first skill unlocks when you join a squad. The second skill will only unlock after your second promotion.

Joining or Creating a Squad

Joining or Creating a squad is done via the Pop-Up menu. The default binding is the F key, which will show something like this:

From there, you can either press S or click the Squad Menu with your mouse. You will then either be able to accept a squad invite or form your own. Often when you join a game in progress players will rarely pause to send you an invite into their squads. However, you can ask to join a squad by pointing at any squad member (not necessarily the leader), bringing up the Squad Menu and selecting the Join Squad option. This sends your request directly to that squad's leader who can easily chose to accept your invite.

Note Note: The Join Squad option only appears if the targetted player is a member of a squad. Otherwise, the default Form Squad option appears.

Inviting Players Into a Squad

Once you have created your own squad you can invite other players to join you. Point your targeting retticle on a player you wish to invite so that their nametag is displayed. While their nametag is visible, bring up the Pop-Up menu (F key by default), and select the Squad Menu option. You will see an option to send a squad invite to the targetted player. Clicking this option sends the invite along with text and voice prompts. You can tell if a player already belongs to another squad if you do not see the text prompt. As a squad leader you might not have time to stop and invite players. However when asked for permission to join (you will hear a voice prompt), it is a matter of 2 mouse clicks to allow someone to join your squad. Simply bring up the Squad Menu and chose the Accept Join Request option.