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There are a number of structures that can be placed by Commanders; each having its own purpose, and an associated cost in resources. See the links below for details on each type of building:

Engineers can also place a limited number of these structures - for free - using the Engineering Tool:

These buildings are not yet available, but may not be implemented in a later release.

Condensed building details.

Building Structures

Building is generally organized by the Commander. Through the Commander Interface, buildings are placed on the map within range of other friendly buildings or a friendly soldier. An un-constructed shell sits on the map (represented by a yellow square on your mini-map) waiting for infantry to build it. Any class can assist building by holding their USE key, but the Engineer is best suited for construction.

Engineers use their Engineering Tool by getting close to the building needing construction and 'firing' at it. A welding effect is activated as the yellow construction bar fills up. Any damage taken to the structure at this stage will reduce its construction progress. Once the structure is fully built the bar will turn green. At this point it becomes fully operable, and will remain so until destroyed.

Building Status

  • Yellow

A building emitting yellow smoke means that the building is not fully built and are below 50% health.

  • Purple

A building emitting purple smoke means that the building is currently sabotaged by enemy scout and are slowly losing health by the Scout's sabotage ability.

  • Fire

A building emitting fire means that the building is heavily damaged, more fire means more damaged.

  • Gray

A building which looks gray means that the building has been destroyed, this carcass will disappear after a short while, you can't repair it.

  • Normal

A building that doesn't emit anything above means that it's either built and have more than 50% health or unbuilt but have more than 50% health.

Attacking Structures

Structures can be damaged by heavy weapons fire, explosive or seismic grenades, or by de-construction. An Engineer may use his Engineering Tool on an enemy structure from close proximity, causing the health meter to go down as the building is de-constructed. Once the health bar of a building reaches zero, it will be destroyed. The blackened carcass will remain on the field for several moments before disappearing, but is no longer functional in any way.

The Scout's sabotage ability can also damage structures, reducing health to 50% instantly, as well as subjecting it to a slow health drain over time. On top of the damage factor, sabotage also causes inhibits the structure's functioning in some way, depending on the structure concerned.

Repairing Structures

Repairs are carried out in the same way as construction, but can only be done by the Engineer and his Engineering Tool. Repairing a structure is also the only way to remove the effects of sabotage. There is also a skill available which speeds up the repair/construction process, which is known as "Repair Upgrade"

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