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(Changelog format guidelines and example)
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==Changelog Format==
I think we've got a nice format down and we should stick to it. The subheaders are all in the same order for each patch. If a particular patch has no additions, fixes, modifications or removals, leave the corresponding subheader out.
=Patch Version= (Latest version on top)
Date of release in month, day, year (e.g. January 1, 1337), if officially released on the main page. Put Unreleased in case of internal patch or forum only versions.
You can change the date once the patch has been officially released.
*Additions go here
*Fixes go here
*Modifications go here
*Removals go here
{{Note| Note goes here}}
You should stick a note after these headers in case of a special situations, such as a forum only release, internal test or revoked (broken) patch. Suggestions are welcome. Happy changelogging! --[[User:L3TUC3|L3TUC3]] 04:18, 10 January 2008 (PST)
== Comments ==
== Comments ==

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Changelog Format

I think we've got a nice format down and we should stick to it. The subheaders are all in the same order for each patch. If a particular patch has no additions, fixes, modifications or removals, leave the corresponding subheader out.


=Patch Version= (Latest version on top)
Date of release in month, day, year (e.g. January 1, 1337), if officially released on the main page. Put Unreleased in case of internal patch or forum only versions. 
You can change the date once the patch has been officially released.

*Additions go here

*Fixes go here

*Modifications go here

*Removals go here

{{Note| Note goes here}}

You should stick a note after these headers in case of a special situations, such as a forum only release, internal test or revoked (broken) patch. Suggestions are welcome. Happy changelogging! --L3TUC3 04:18, 10 January 2008 (PST)


This change log sucks. Krenzo 19:37, 25 November 2007 (PST)

  • Why? I like how KT and Broccoli broke items up into sections: makes it more readable that way. --Chahk 07:33, 26 November 2007 (PST)
    • It has things that were added way back in the RC teens and removed one version later. There were many things that were added and then removed and fixes that are fixing things broken in a previous RC. 21:47, 27 November 2007 (PST)
      • From what I understand it's still in a WIP state, being cleaned up of such items --Chahk 10:24, 28 November 2007 (PST)

I added the 1.08 Change Log just in case people were thinking only a little bit has been done. I had forgotten how extensive the changes were.--Knighttemplar 20:52, 14 July 2007 (EDT)

Yeah, it'll be fun going through here and deleting all the inner-RC changes (like the fixed such and such in RC 2) and sorting all of this into added, modified and fixed groups. I nominate Lobster.--Knighttemplar 13:19, 1 August 2007 (EDT)

Shoot, I think notepad would crash. This is like 30 pages of stuff added, fixed or modified. Then again, I don't think we really need to list most of the fixes to new additions, only the additions themselves and anything altered related to 1.07.-- L3TUC3 13:48, 1 August 2007 (EDT)

*Fixed (RC2): commander could still use the grenadier armor info skill in his interface

^^Thought that should have stayed in--Knighttemplar 21:37, 4 August 2007 (EDT)

What did you take out Brocolli?--Knighttemplar 10:22, 5 August 2007 (EDT)

Lots of things that were fixes from previous RC's; use the history function to see specific lines. I didn't take out anything that was changed/added since 1.07. Things like sabotage, I tried to merge into a single item (later changes such as rank points and building health were consolidated into the earliest item I could find). I think for the final version any indication of RC's will be removed, and the whole thing will just be labelled '1.08'. So at this stage, it doesn't matter where in the list these things appear. Maybe I should start moving definitive items into the headings I made (sabotage being an example). This might make it clearer which other things needs sorting out. -- Broccoli 15:02, 5 August 2007 (EDT)

Yeah, but where did you do this, in the changelog sandbox I made? I'm doing the same thing as you, so I don't want to mess up stuff you've already done. Yesterday I worked my way up from the bottom (RC 0) to RC5. I was going to move up from there and take out all the internal stuff, stuff that fixed new additions, same as you mentioned. I just don't know if you saw that already.--Knighttemplar 22:49, 5 August 2007 (EDT)

Yes, I did it in the sandbox. I didn't really work that methodically, I just went through randomly and did whatever caught my eye. I don't think you can really undo anything I did; we're doing the same thing, just in different ways. The final thing will be re-grouped under single headings, right? The RC titles will all be taken out? -- Broccoli 02:54, 6 August 2007 (EDT)

Yeah, that was what I was thinking, and I'm sure what Krenzo does when...hmmm I bet when we get 1.08 public there will be a change log included that'll be just what we want...--Knighttemplar 19:01, 6 August 2007 (EDT)

  • Have 13 to 18 left to go. I asked Krenzo if it was even necessary, he hasn't answered yet.

Brought it up to 30. There is probably still a hell of a lot of stuff that's obsolete P.S. Also started stripping items out of RC's and into their final categories. Added an 'Optimized' classification. I think we may need sub-categories like 'Maps', 'Squads', 'Commander', 'Vehicles' etc. -- Broccoli 17:06, 4 November 2007 (PST)

That stuff about the rate limiting system is no longer valid as it was too buggy and deactivated. Krenzo 20:51, 5 November 2007 (PST)

2.0 Change Log Sandbox

Unreleased: Version 2.0



  • Added: maps without a commander now have a "waiting for players" phase where no one may spawn; this mimics the commander voting phase of commander based maps and uses the 'emp_sv_wait_phase_time' cvar to set the amount of time to wait
  • Added: at game end, view focuses on the entity that resulted in the game ending: command vehicle that was killed, player who captured the game ending flag, or final player killed when no spawns are available
  • Added: rifleman sticky bomb grenade, it can't be thrown far, but it sticks to vehicles, buildings and players, and does 400 damage
  • Added: scout sticky stun bomb grenade, it's the same as the rifleman sticky bomb, except it does 100 damage and gives 100% heat to vehicles for 5 seconds
  • Added: commander can now be spectated when not in the command interface
  • Added: swaying to scout rifle when in scope view; magnitude of sway is affected by amount of stamina the player has
  • Added: squad leader activated skills, two per class, the points required are in brackets:
    • scout recon (2) = spot all enemies in a nearby radius for one minute
    • scout hide (5)= squad members are hidden for 30 seconds. Wears off when shooting.
    • rifleman charge (3) = no stamina drain for 30 seconds
    • rifleman armor (4) = damage is reduced by 20% for 30 seconds
    • grenadier damage (4) = weapon damage bonus of 20% for 30 seconds
    • grenadier artillery (4) = arty strike
    • engineer revive (5) = mass revive all dead squad members and place near squad leader
    • engineer heal (3) = instant health regen to 100%
  • Added: vehicles can now be customized at a repair station:

Bring up the vehicle build GUI as the driver of a vehicle, and run through the steps of building a new vehicle of the same chassis. You will pay the difference between the two loadouts or get a refund. The vehicle build GUI will list the difference between the two loadouts as the total cost. Armor repair levels will be set to 0 as a penalty. Hull health will remain the same.

  • Added: squad limit of no more than 5 players to a squad
  • Added: squad leader bonus aura (1600 game units, or 133.3 feet). Squad members within this aura will receive a bonus determined by the squad leaders class. The squad leader only receives the bonus if another squad member is within his aura. Bonuses are listed below:
    • scout = stamina recharge rate + 33%
    • rifleman = accuracy increase of 20%
    • grenadier = weapon damage increase of 10%
    • engineer = health recharge of 1HP/2secs
  • Added: prone (+prone acts as a toggle; no firing while moving in prone; moving will cancel zoomed/in ironsights whilst prone)
  • Added: scout rifles no longer automatically unzoom when fired; they'll stay zoomed until the fire button is released
  • Added: another zoom level to the scout binoculars for a total of three zoom levels (unzoomed at 90 FOV, zoomed at 20 FOV, zoomed at 4 FOV)
  • Added: "Falloff" parameter to weapon scripts to define how a bullet's damage decreases with range
  • Added: scout sabotage ability: as a scout, 'use' an enemy building until the sabotage progress bar is filled. Sabotaged buildings are reduced to 50% health, and experience a health drain of 1 HP every 3 secs. They also emit purple smoke whilst sabotaged. An engineer can remove the sabotaged status by repairing the building. Scouts receive 1 rank point for every 2 buildings they sabotage. Buildings are also affected as follows:
    • turrets - cease to target or fire
    • refinery - outputs half as many resources
    • barracks - spawning players receive half their total amount of health
    • radar - shows friendly units to the enemy instead of enemy units to friendlies
    • armory - ammo and health crates take twice as long to give ammo/health
    • repair bay - takes twice as long to repair a vehicle
    • vehicle factory - vehicles are built with half of their total health and armor
  • Added: the commander will get points for all kills from commander built turrets no matter who was the commander when they were built
  • Added: commander can now select and recycle all walls
  • Added: vehicles now collide with players and deal collision damage to enemy players
  • Added: damaged vehicles emit smoke (use "emp_vehicle_smokeinterval" to set how often smoke is created per second, 0 = no smoke created)
  • Added: buildings damaged below 50% emit smoke (use 'emp_cl_building_smokeinterval' to set how often smoke is created per second, 0 = no smoke created)
  • Added: as the commander a selected turret will display a circle in the world and on the minimap around itself to show its detection and attack radius
  • Added: as the commander a selected engineer camera/radar or regular radar will display a circle in the world and on the minimap around itself to show its detection radius with an inner animated circle
  • Added: work in progress fog of war for commander, needs improvement by turning it into a pixel shader as it currently looks blocky, must be turned on with "emp_comm_fogofwar 1"
  • Added: engineers cannot build within 40 feet of a vehicle factory's ramp to prevent engineer objects from blocking the exit
  • Added: crosshairs to zoomed in scout rifles
  • Added: unzooming of scout rifles after each shot to reflect having to work the bolt to load the next bullet
  • Added: vehicles jump into the air when they die
  • Added: commander voting during the first 60 seconds of a new map via a new window that automatically appears; the winner spawns inside the command vehicle in the commander interface
  • Added: both primary and secondary weapon groups can be fired at the same time
  • Added: if a scout has an enemy vehicle or building spotted with binoculars for at least 6 seconds and it's destroyed by a team mate, the scout receives a rank point
  • Added: secondary attack toggles iron sight mode for BE Rifle and Scout Rifle


  • Added: emp_cyclopean
  • Added: HDR versions of emp_canyon, emp_cdr_canyon, emp_crossroads, emp_duststorm, and emp_money
  • Added: emp_cdr_canyon which is a version of canyon with prebuilt bases and no commanders
  • Added: new minimaps done by Jcw87

Models / Animations

  • Added: new BE binoculars
  • Added: new BE RPG
  • Added: LCD screen displays to NF engy kit and BE rifles
  • Added: new BE RPG
  • Added: new BE mortar
  • Added: new BE pistol 1
  • Added: new BE pistol 2
  • Added: new BE heavy rifle
  • Added: new BE landmine
  • Added: sitting animation for players in vehicles
  • Added: new melee animations for Brenodi SMGs 1 and 2
  • Added: new melee animation for NF SMG 1
  • Added: third person melee animations
  • Added: new NF scout rifle
  • Added: new NF smg 2
  • Added: new NF assault rifle with iron sights as secondary attack
  • Added: new NF .50 cal weapon
  • Added: new NF MG weapon
  • Added: new NF shotgun pistol
  • Added: new BE MG
  • Added: new BE engineer kit
  • Added: new NF pistol
  • Added: new NF landmine
  • Added: new BE grenade
  • Added: new NF RPG


  • Added: new vehicle engine sounds for the CVs, APCs, and AFV/LT
  • Added: more player death sounds
  • Added: out of breath sound when the player runs out of stamina
  • Added: new engine sounds for jeeps
  • Added: sound effects for building/repairing and reviving
  • Added: new death explosion sound effects for vehicles
  • Added: new ambient sounds for buildings
  • Added: individual explode sounds for each grenade
  • Added: button press sounds on the engineer kits


  • Added: extra text to "<team> wins" end of game message stating the reason for the win
  • Added: icons for squad leader powers with a count down clock for powers that last 30 seconds
  • Added: widescreen support for the commander GUI
  • Added: squad leader star on minimap
  • Added: shadow to minimap's player sector position text
  • Added: ping and voice status to spectators on scoreboard
  • Added: scoreboard scrollbar
  • Added: pressing escape with a VGUI window open will close it
  • Added: new voice command menu
  • Added: skill icon under squad HUD that shows the skill you're getting from being near your squad leader; transparency based on distance from squad leader
  • Added: headshot, melee, road-kill and sticky bomb death icons
  • Added: death icons to differentiate mortar and rpg weapons and to differentiate Northern Faction and Brenodi types
  • Added: spectators can now see the number of reinforcements remaining
  • Added: minimap maintains separate zoom levels for full and reduced map sizes
  • Added: pressing the "show squad panel" button if the squad panel is open will close it
  • Added: replaced Valve start up video with the Empires logo
  • Added: drop down player list to spectator GUI, press duck as spectator and drop down list box appears allowing you to select which player to spectate
  • Added: loading screen with hints and an image of the next map
  • Added: spectators can now see all players, vehicles, and buildings on the minimap
  • Added: player chat is now colored based on the person's team (NF = red, BE = blue), commander chat is a lighter version of the team's color (only team mates of the commander see this)
  • Added: the commander's name is printed in the top left corner
  • Added: above the ammo bar, added an indicator of how many mines the player has existing in the world out of eight (the limit of placed mines)
  • Added: redid the grenadier's armor detection skill; it now recreates the vehicle HUD chassis information on the grenadier's HUD showing armor levels and hull health of the targetted vehicle
  • Added: above the health bar, added a health indicator for an engineer's built turret
  • Added: above the health bar, added a health indicator for an engineer's built camera/radar
  • Added: building icons now flash on the minimap when under attack
  • Added: engineer turret and camera health HUD indicators now show two health bars if two are built
  • Added: new controls configuration panel on the title screen (accessed via 'Controls' item). It lets you configure key bindings for the different roles of infantry, in vehicle, and in commander interface.
  • Added: "Log Out" button to commander GUI
  • Added: new squad selection panel, allows joining/leaving of squads, kicking players, locking a squad to disallow players from joining, and inviting players to the squad
  • Added: alerts to the left side of the commander GUI for when a player/vehicle/building is attacked/destroyed which lists the event happening and clicking on the alert will move the commander camera to that location

Visual Effects

  • Added: support for HDR
  • Added: new explosion effects: high explosive weapons cause longer explosions; plasma cannon creates a blue explosion; bio missile launcher creates a green explosion; nuke creates a larger and longer explosion
  • Added: visual effect to engineer kit repair
  • Added: visual build effect when non-engineers are building
  • Added: new muzzle flash effects for all weapons
  • Added: vehicle wheels kick up dust when rolling (was removed in 1.01 due to being server-side and is now back in, implemented client-side)


  • Added: 'emp_cl_intro_music' cvar to disable the playing of music at map start
  • Added: 'emp_sv_research_item <string>' and 'emp_sv_unresearch_item <string>' cvars to allow the selective researching or unresearching of a specific item at any time (ie, use it in the map load script file for more versatility in allowing/restricting certain weapons on non-commander maps)
  • Added: 'emp_cl_voicemenu_keyboard' cvar, set to 0 to disable the voice menu from using the keyboard as input
  • Added: 'emp_cl_voicemenu_mouse' cvar, set to 0 to disable the voice menu from using the mouse as input (both keyboard and mouse input can't be disabled together)
  • Added: 'emp_print_tickets' and 'emp_print_res' to print out the number of tickets and resources to the console
  • Added 'emp_sv_player_resource_interval' to control how often the scoreboard info updates
  • Added: 'emp_sv_commander_visiblity_interval' cvar to control how often enemy units are checked to see if they are visible to the commander based on proximity to enemy units
  • Added: 'emp_sv_suddendeath_countdown' cvar to control ticket bleed during sudden death (when 'mp_timelimit' is reached)
  • Added: 'emp_comm_zoom_speed' console variable to control how fast the commander camera zooms
  • Added: 'emp_sv_max_turrets' cvar that limits how many turrets the commander can build; turrets no longer count for the team's build limit
  • Added: 'emp_sv_max_walls' cvar that limits how many walls the commander can build
  • Added: 'emp_unstuck' command to move you if you're stuck in an object, will only work if it detects you're stuck
  • Added: 'emp_sv_spawn_protection' cvar which defines how many seconds a player is invulnerable to damage after spawning, default time is 3 seconds
  • Added: 'emp_sv_turret_search_interval' (default 0.5) convar to set how much time each turret must wait before searching for a new target
  • Added: 'emp_comm_jumptoalert' console command which will center the commander camera over an alert's location
  • Added: 'choosesquad' displays new squad selection panel
  • Added: new commander commands for zooming in/out a certain amount per button press and for toggling the build/factory/units/research windows
  • Added: new console commands for radio commands (allows binding)


  • Added: env_tonemap_controller entity
  • Added: color_correction entity
  • Added: support for decimal ticket bleed values less than 1 for slower ticket bleed from capture points
  • Added: custom performance profiler with real-time logging to a CSV file
  • Added: experimental client-side authoritative movement mode which is switched on via "emp_sv_client_auth_movement" convar
  • Added: events in the FGD for buildings to let map makers get output events from buildings when they're fully built and when they're killed
  • Added: events in the FGD for when a refinery is placed on a resource node for both teams
  • Added: converted Empires player models to HL2DM animation system
  • Added: implemented client-side movement
  • Added: "stamina penalty" for weapon script files which will deduct from the player's stamina per shot; currently used for MGs


  • Removed: broken "Player List" item from the title screen
  • Removed: "cl_righthand" cvar as it was stretching view models instead of flipping them correctly
  • Removed: squad leader commands "dig-in", "build here", and "grenade attack" which had no associated voice commands
  • Removed: 'mp_friendlyfire' cvar
  • Removed: network var "m_nNextThinkTick" that was being sent frequently yet did nothing on the client
  • Removed: "Sound Compatability Attenuation" setting for weapon sounds which caused them to use the HL 1 sound system
  • Removed: NF SMG 3 weapon
  • Removed: eliminated missiles and shells from being able to be shot down


  • Fixed: bug where commander camera would reverse its controls if it went below the z origin of the map
  • Fixed: improved the way vehicles fire their weapons (and get the origin and angles of the weapon) to decrease network traffic and remove the possibility of a crash
  • Fixed: exploit where clients could run certain admin only commands that would alter building physics or kick a commander
  • Fixed: bug with client-side player movement where certain buildings would cause the player to jitter up and down (caused by server-side physics shadow and network variable inaccuracy)
  • Fixed: as commander, dragging a box around a dead player would highlight a box around him as though he were still alive
  • Fixed: as commander, while dragging a selection box, moving the mouse over the minimap caused the camera to move with the mouse
  • Fixed: destroying an unbuilt radar would subtract from the total number of built radars, causing an issue where the team had a fully functional radar but couldn't research anything
  • Fixed: destroying an unbuilt building that is marked for recycling would cause the building to never be removed from the game
  • Fixed: the commander was able to recycle an engineer built turret
  • Fixed: vehicle client-side turret control was jittering due to client-side prediction
  • Fixed: enemy engineer deconstructing a vehicle would send a voice alert that the commander was under attack
  • Fixed: in commander interface, commander was able to order units to attack enemy units that were shrouded in his fog of war
  • Fixed: in commander interface, ordering a unit to attack multiple targets would not clear his previous orders, ie, if he were guarding a building before being ordered to attack multiple targets, he would be told to attack the new targets as well as the building he was guarding
  • Fixed: in commander interface, dragging a box around units could be done too quickly, causing it to be ignored
  • Fixed: NF vehicles had "nocull" textures which was unoptimized
  • Fixed: commander camera movement speed changing based on frames per second (ie, looking at a graphically intensive area with lots of buildings would slow the camera movement down instead of staying constant)
  • Fixed: engineer was able to build more walls than his limit allowed
  • Fixed: commander wouldn't hear the build sound effect when placing walls
  • Fixed: VGUI panels would screw up when changing resolution
  • Fixed: NF HMG crosshair being solid
  • Fixed: decal flickering on team logos in emp_crossroads
  • Fixed: squad HUD should no longer have blank names
  • Fixed: some brenodi empire crate models had no collision mesh
  • Fixed: drivers couldn't see the explosion from their HE MG weapon
  • Fixed: vehicles would sometimes not repair at a repair pad or get ammo from ammo crates
  • Fixed: preplaced BE radars on a map wouldn't rotate
  • Fixed: vehicle passenger crosshairs and eye angles did not match where their weapon was actually pointing, causing all passenger weapons to shoot in another direction from where they were looking when the vehicle was not level
  • Fixed: players could throw a grenade, switch teams, and the grenade would deal damage to the previous team (now it does no damage to anyone)
  • Fixed: engineer restrict brushes set to disable walls only were disabling the building of all engineer objects (this was most apparent on the center structure on emp_crossroads)
  • Fixed: for players driving a vehicle, the end game camera angle was restricted
  • Fixed: vehicle passenger lists were inaccurate if a player switched teams
  • Fixed: getting a kill as a vehicle passenger would show the vehicle icon
  • Fixed: commander could give orders on the skybox
  • Fixed: voice menu couldn't be clicked while holding down a button (i.e. crouch)
  • Fixed: attempted to fix players able to walk through walls as they're built
  • Fixed: exploit where an engineer could switch between the repair kit and another weapon while holding attack to instantly regain his repair ammo
  • Fixed: weapon melee attacks would not delay primary attacks
  • Fixed: commander able to be hurt (ie from water or explosions)
  • Fixed: crosshairs (mortar crosshair especially) showing when driving a vehicle
  • Fixed: when determining which armor side was hit on a vehicle, areas along the side but near the front of the vehicle were being reported as the rear armor side vice the front armor side
  • Fixed: certain vehicle MG weapons would do friendly fire damage
  • Fixed: crash when spawning in APC
  • Fixed: aircraft were visible in the commander's vehicle factory menu
  • Fixed: spectating a player in the eye now shows the target player's ammo correctly
  • Fixed: muting players via the scoreboard
  • Fixed: flag capture GUI would disappear when bringing up the scores window
  • Fixed: vehicle build GUI added an extra layer of armor to the total vehicle cost
  • Fixed: vehicles can no longer shoot through walls
  • Fixed: players spawning in the origin of the map if the capture point they were attempting to spawn at was lost at the exact same time the player spawned
  • Fixed: moving up the research tree in the commander GUI would move the center hex out to an incorrect position
  • Fixed: spectators could not see their target's stamina change
  • Fixed: while placing an engineer item with the engineer kit, it was possible to have multiple engineer build item models showing up at once
  • Fixed: it was possible to build an engineer build item on another player even though it showed red when attempting to place the item
  • Fixed: grenadier can no longer switch away from the RPG or mortar while reloading and back to instantly reload the weapon
  • Fixed: grenadier not seeing mortar crosshair when in a vehicle
  • Fixed: a random crash on map load
  • Fixed: MG turrets would continue to target a player that moved behind cover
  • Fixed: scout losing ability to restock the concussion grenade after reviving
  • Fixed: capture gui not hiding itself after a map change
  • Fixed: altered scout rifle code to remove a loop that may have been freezing the server (need confirmation if it fixes it or not)
  • Fixed: all player eye angles were being sent over the network twice
  • Fixed: turrets would target players that were out of its pitch range
  • Fixed: improved finding the ground when exiting a vehicle to prevent going through the map
  • Fixed: non-engineer class players able to build unbuilt but dead buildings
  • Fixed: crash with 'ent_create' being used from console
  • Fixed: crash with squad leader revive
  • Fixed: bio weapon damage was preventing vehicles from repairing at the repair station
  • Fixed: a grenadier who died with no mines then was revived would lose the ability to use mines until spawning normally or changing class
  • Fixed: with the commander research tree panel open, mouse clicks would pass through the window and affect buttons behind it
  • Fixed: 'emp_sv_netvisdist_player' and 'emp_sv_netvisdist_vehicle' cvars functionality was broken
  • Fixed: players in vehicles could not hurt themselves with explosives
  • Fixed: texture issues on building models
  • Fixed: dead players could open ammo boxes
  • Fixed: asking a player to join a squad now plays the voice request for the squad leader in addition to the other player
  • Fixed: turrets were firing at players without being perfectly lined up for the shot
  • Fixed: walls were adding to the wall limit and costing resources even if they weren't being built
  • Fixed: turrets were adding themselves to the turret limit even if they were not being built
  • Fixed: spectators could use sprint and run out of breath
  • Fixed: transitioning from one emp_eng_restrict brush to another that was touching would confuse the client into letting the engineer build in the area
  • Fixed: vehicle reverse speed was bugged to be much lower than it should be; vehicles can now reverse up hills
  • Fixed: player standing directly on a concussion grenade when it detonates would not be blinded
  • Fixed: vehicle MGs could hit their own vehicle if the vehicle traveled fast enough (Bio MG = ouch)
  • Fixed: squad members not appearing in the lefthand squad HUD and an arrow/star not appearing over their head when the player or squad member first joins the game
  • Fixed: player arrows not appearing on the minimap when the player first joins the game
  • Fixed: white local player icon on the minimap not appearing when the local player is in a vehicle
  • Fixed: pressing the same key used to open a VGUI window will close it
  • Fixed: revived players were only unsticking themselves if revived inside another player; changed to unstick if inside any object
  • Fixed: weapons had no "ACT_VM_DRAW_EMPTY" animation; pulling out an empty weapon played no sequence and always added a couple of seconds of delay before reloading
  • Fixed: crash when trying to write to read-only config files
  • Fixed: health indicator was not taking Health Upgrade skill into account
  • Fixed: in a vehicle, the mouse could be lowered/raised greater than the turret would actually move
  • Fixed: NF commander's unit panel's buildings list did not work
  • Fixed: for spectators, players were still appearing in the center of the map when out of network range
  • Fixed: rare crash when first joining a game
  • Fixed: commander unit info area text drawn with background
  • Fixed: only visible passengers in a vehicle create a ragdoll when the vehicle explodes; hidden players do not
  • Fixed: dying via falling will black out the player's screen; if the player went into spectator mode at this point, the screen would remain blacked out
  • Fixed: squad HUD showing blank names for squad members out of network range
  • Fixed: squad HUD showing yellow (shoot) and red (hurt/death) color indicators not updating correctly
  • Fixed: buildings being recycled still able to be repaired by engineer kit
  • Fixed: "spray logo" command on the controls menu was not binding the correct command to the key
  • Fixed: spectating an engineer will draw the health bars in the correct color (green or red) instead of always red
  • Fixed: client-side vehicle turret acting twitchy
  • Fixed: when entering a vehicle, the player's view would not be set to the position the turret was in
  • Fixed: large buildings (vehicle factories especially) weren't receiving full damage from explosive weapons
  • Fixed: unicode characters were not being printed correctly in the top left HUD area which printed the name of the commander
  • Fixed: line linking player orders from the player to the order location was not using the player's correct location when in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Brenodi repair pad crane texture not being transparent in black areas
  • Fixed: added more error checking in HUD/GUI areas to prevent client-side crashes
  • Fixed: grenadier in passenger position could damage his own tank with RPG
  • Fixed: revived players getting default ammo instead of the same amount of ammo they died with
  • Fixed: spotting via popup menu and binoculars was not checking if the spotted entity was alive
  • Fixed: squad member HUD no longer shows dead squad members as having negative health
  • Fixed: switching between the different control profiles is now done server-side vice client-side to eliminate key binding problems
  • Fixed: spectators not able to cycle through players in vehicles as available to be spectated
  • Fixed: added weapon firing delay when changing class at flags/barracks/armory to prevent it being used to get around having to reload
  • Fixed: having another window open with the capture gui visible would lead to problems
  • Fixed: made mines not freeze in place until they're completely stationary
  • Fixed: destroyed vehicles not pushing players away/running them over
  • Fixed: passenger listing getting cut off
  • Fixed: crash with team menu open when changing levels
  • Fixed: engineer kit showing wall health in green when unbuilt
  • Fixed: vehicle health being listed incorrectly in the commander interface
  • Fixed: SourceTV showing Team window
  • Fixed: SourceTV not showing players, vehicles, and buildings on the minimap
  • Fixed: players able to exit vehicles next to displacements and walk through them
  • Fixed: players able to be pushed by vehicles into displacements and walk through them
  • Fixed: players could spam the squad invite request via the squad interface
  • Fixed: armor detection showed the wrong rotation for the target vehicle when the local player was driving a vehicle
  • Fixed: engineer kit ammo exploit involving vehicles
  • Fixed: raised NF medium tank body in relation to its wheels to minimize getting stuck
  • Fixed: added barrier behind ramp in NF vehicle factory to prevent vehicles from going in reverse and getting stuck
  • Fixed: could climb BE vehicle factory crates and get on roof
  • Fixed: lack of collision mesh for stairs inbetween ramps in NF repair station
  • Fixed: biological weapons could do damage to friendly vehicles
  • Fixed: increased delay between vehicle linked weapons firing to prevent shells and grenades from colliding with each other as they're fired
  • Fixed: dropping an ammo crate as a engineer, dying, and then trying to build a turret would show an ammo box in addition to the turret
  • Fixed: unducking and then ducking before fully unducking would freeze the player's view at a height above the ducking view height allowing the player to shoot over obstacles that obscured the player's ducking hitbox
  • Fixed: player eyes' pupils not showing
  • Fixed: after ducking in the air and landing, your view would be at standing height while your hitbox would be ducking letting you shoot at others who couldn't shoot you if looking over an obstacle
  • Fixed: spotting a turret that was placed by the mapper would show garbled text instead of the usual spotted message to teammates
  • Fixed: walls weren't building when spawning too close to the engineer building them; they now ignore the engineer that is building them
  • Fixed: vehicle build exploit where large weapons could be treated as single sized weapons in weapon slots of size two or three
  • Fixed: the commander could order players to guard themselves
  • Fixed: commander must wait 1 second in between issuing orders to prevent DizzyOne's "Move to this location" techno remix
  • Fixed: commander could not issue attack orders by clicking on a tank's turret
  • Fixed: explosive weapons could deal damage to both a vehicle's turret and the vehicle resulting in twice the amount of damage given to it
  • Fixed: the commander could click on the minimap to move his camera, and it could go below the map or too high and get stuck
  • Fixed: inability to change class after having the free squad skill and then being commander
  • Fixed: problems with the BE vehicle factory collision mesh
  • Fixed: pop-up menu could stay open over a map change
  • Fixed: added checking of team resource variable to prevent overflowing the variable
  • Fixed: crash when selecting more than 64 units as a commander
  • Fixed: MG turrets could shoot through walls if their barrel tip went through the wall
  • Fixed: MG turrets had trouble targetting prone players
  • Fixed: altered barracks and armory code to ensure players can only change class when the building is fully built and alive
  • Fixed: third person engineer toolkit appearing green
  • Fixed: spawn point selection screen would open after the player's first death no matter what
  • Fixed: ammo/health crates that spawned with a capture point would spawn on top of players instead of moving them out of the way
  • Fixed: scout rifle crosshairs disappearing due to lag
  • Fixed: turrets would continue to shoot after the game had ended
  • Fixed: vehicle weapons would continue to shoot after the game ended
  • Fixed: scout enhanced senses skill worked when in the command interface
  • Fixed: vehicle factory and armory could be seen through fog of war
  • Fixed: building a wall could cause the engineer to be pushed up and through a displacement surface
  • Fixed: loading screen correctly shows the next level when joining for the first time and when the next level is not the one in the map list
  • Fixed: added a 1 second time delay between vehicles being constructed at a factory to prevent multiple vehicles from being constructed at exactly the same time
  • Fixed: changed the way the engineer kit stores what item it is about to place to prevent problems with the client and server disagreeing
  • Fixed: dead engineer built items would still show the "upgrade/recycle" right*click menu
  • Fixed: right*clicking a wall would show the option to upgrade
  • Fixed: players could hide in a set of crates inside the Brenodi armory building
  • Fixed: getting out of a vehicle with the exit point just below a solid object could cause the player to fall through the level
  • Fixed: scout rifles not always playing shoot animation
  • Fixed: when playing a demo recorded from a tank driver, the tank turret would not rotate
  • Fixed: rare crash in the commander GUI when drawing the images of the selected units
  • Fixed: player names with unicode characters would cause boxes or random characters to be drawn after the chat message when fading out
  • Fixed: player received a kill when changing teams while alive
  • Fixed: engineer objects could be built on emp_eng_restrict brushes if they were touching another engineer placed object
  • Fixed: weapon tracers hitting objects directly in front of a player when the actual bullet shot does not
  • Fixed: a player changing weapons while jumping would have no animation with arms and legs spread out
  • Fixed: grenade throw 3rd person animation was missing
  • Fixed: when spectating a vehicle in chase cam view, passengers could interfere with the camera
  • Fixed: ML turrets couldn't lock onto Brenodi jeeps
  • Fixed: cancelling an order from the popup menu did not work
  • Fixed: when successfully ejecting the commander by the Brenodi team, the wrong name was printed for the commander's name
  • Fixed: a large lag spike could cause the starting music to play again
  • Fixed: could not see teammates' names above their heads while in a vehicle
  • Fixed: rare crash on level load
  • Fixed: Brenodi armory's health and ammo crates were floating slightly above the actual floor
  • Fixed: shotgun pistol loses all ammo when revived
  • Fixed: grenadier armor detection skill would cause issues with your own vehicle health indicator flashing white from an enemy vehicle whose armor was being detected getting damaged
  • Fixed: every time a vehicle with defusal would drive over an enemy mine, the mine would double in damage and quintiple in damage radius
  • Fixed: "m_flPlaybackRate" out of bounds error in console which would slow the server down, done by clamping the input to SetPlaybackRate()
  • Fixed: weapons were actually not using any prediction which led to such issues as view models appearing jittery
  • Fixed: players would recover damage taken from bio weapons
  • Fixed: on the class VGUI screen, skills would not revert to the unlocked image between map changes
  • Fixed: commander could build under the map
  • Fixed: commander camera could rotate through map brushes
  • Fixed: issue with weapon view models acting jittery when receiving a new animation sequence from the server
  • Fixed: walls were being drawn on the minimap and targeted by missile turrets
  • Fixed: dead players could build buildings with the +use key
  • Fixed: building ambient sounds would continue to play after the building had died
  • Fixed: a hidden scout going from duck to prone or vice versa would unhide
  • Fixed: walls would give points for their destruction
  • Fixed: in the commander's Unit panel list, vehicle health was always listed as 0
  • Fixed: in the commander's Factory panel, only the vehicle factories within network visibility distance were being listed in the vehicle factory combo box
  • Fixed: crash within the commander's Factory panel
  • Fixed: selecting a unit from the commander's Units panel wouldn't update the order buttons
  • Fixed: "Building (0H)" appearing in the commander Units panel
  • Fixed: mines placed on vehicles would float in the air once the vehicle had moved
  • Fixed: mines placed on buildings would float in the air once the building had died and been removed
  • Fixed: Brenodi level 2 missile turret model's top was not solid
  • Fixed: vehicle wheels rotating left/right due to steering was visually jittery
  • Fixed: vehicle wheel rotation due to steering related network variable was being sent for all vehicles, even tanks without rotating wheels
  • Fixed: spectating a player in the eye was broken
  • Fixed: dead squad members not showing 0 health when dead
  • Fixed: grenadier mines detonating other mines were causing mines to explode multiple times before being removed
  • Fixed: vehicle passengers looking in the correct direction was broken in rc24
  • Fixed: vehicles continuing to drive after dying
  • Fixed: dead buildings would not have their black tint if the building was destroyed outside of the player's network visibility range
  • Fixed: with the engineer kit, vehicle health/armor bars sometimes showing with a tiny sliver less health than full and weld effect showing
  • Fixed: lone trees had no collision mesh
  • Fixed: in the vehicle customization gui, if a tank cost more than resources available, then the weight text would always show as white even if the weight exceeded allowable weight and should appear red
  • Fixed: fixed BE radar's collision mesh so that players can no longer hide in the large round cord leaving the main structure
  • Modified: added door to NF repair pad to show that players can't go inside
  • Fixed: detecting a vehicle's armor as a grenadier and dying would show the vehicle armor detection and fade out upon respawning
  • Fixed: on medium and low quality model settings, the lower quality building models would hide objects that the player could collide with
  • Fixed: minimized NF medium and heavy tanks spinning out
  • Fixed: if a vehicle began playing a looping engine sound while a player was initially out of its network visibility range and then moved within network range of the player, the player would never hear the engine sound until the engine sound changed
  • Fixed: engineer cameras and radars were adding to the building limit
  • Fixed: research tree description for Mechanical Engineering was outdated
  • Fixed: commander could get a "reliable stream overflow" error if he told many units to attack multiple targets
  • Fixed: turrets erraticly rotating after death
  • Fixed: engineers building objects inside "emp_eng_map_brush/model" entities
  • Fixed: engineer crosshair indicating a restricted build area would show when in a vehicle
  • Fixed: vehicles inside an engineer buildable brush/model are now destroyed instead of becoming stuck when they turn solid
  • Fixed: attempted to fix a bug where player enters the turret passenger position of a vehicle and is shown outside of the turret; please provide feedback if it is still present
  • Fixed: spawning at a spawn point that is disabled at exactly the same time would turn the player into a spectator
  • Fixed: exiting the commander interface would unbind infantry binds until exiting the vehicle causing the voice menu to show "Key Not found" for buttons relying on infantry specific commands such as "jump"
  • Fixed: placing a refinery on a resource point would always show the building as green even if a player were in the way
  • Fixed: as commander, clicking and dragging in the world and then releasing the mouse over a command button would issue that command
  • Fixed: crash when trying to delete a vehicle loadout
  • Fixed: after selecting a vehicle chassis, the Default loadout was displayed but the loadout combo box listed the last loadout as the one selected; the last loadout is now the one shown on the vehicle in addition to being listed in the combo box
  • Fixed: selecting a Brenodi APC as commander listed it as a Brenodi AFV
  • Fixed: selecting a vehicle without armor on any side would incorrectly display its health for the commander
  • Fixed: unable to spot targets while driving a vehicle
  • Fixed: when spotting a far away target with multiple targets under the crosshair, the closest target would not always be the one spotted
  • Fixed: spectating a player in the eye view while they're in a vehicle passenger position would show the wrong location
  • Fixed: crash with clicking rapidly on the scoreboard
  • Fixed: looking at an unbuilt building as any class other than engineer would show its healthbar in green instead of yellow
  • Fixed: non-engineer class players couldn't build walls
  • Fixed: squad leader orders voice menu was showing for players who weren't squad leaders
  • Fixed: player in a tank's gunner position was not always facing the correct direction
  • Fixed: player in a tank's gunner position would sometimes appear to be running
  • Fixed: engineer cameras and radars unable to be spotted
  • Fixed: when reviving, all weapon clips were fully loaded instead of kept the same as at the time of death
  • Fixed: crash with squad HUD if a squad member fired their weapon while having never entered the local player's network visibility radius
  • Fixed: vehicles not playing engine shutdown sound when the driver exits
  • Fixed: spawn selection map stealing mouse input from other panels visible in front of it
  • Fixed: customizing a vehicle loadout's weapon grouping and pressing the back button would keep the weight and cost of the vehicle hidden
  • Fixed: weapons could do no damage but could still give heat to friendly vehicles
  • Fixed: when checking if a player is in a barracks, armory, or vehicle factory, the code would only check if the player is touching the building; it now checks for the player to be in between the floor and ceiling of the structure
  • Fixed: weapon melee attacks leaving bullet holes
  • Fixed: on the squad HUD, players without a valid class did not have their name displayed correctly
  • Fixed: players could pass through the NF command vehicle's wheels by ducking or going prone
  • Fixed: commander able to place buildings on top of the middle structures on emp_crossroads
  • Fixed: missing triangle on top left rear corner of BE APC and AFV vehicles
  • Fixed: when spectating a player from 3rd person, the player would turn his head to look at you, the spectator
  • Fixed: altered both team's jeeps' collision models so that passengers can shoot out
  • Fixed: "auto team join" always thinking the NF team had more players
  • Fixed: for combo boxes in panels on the title screen, the dropdown list was being hidden behind the active window
  • Fixed: exploit where a player could build a vehicle with negative armor and get money from the purchase, thanks dizzyone
  • Fixed: exploit where a player could build a vehicle with weapons it's not supposed to have, thanks dizzyone
  • Fixed: damage to armor that had negative speed modifiers (absorbant, reactive) could become negative and add armor instead of subtracting it
  • Fixed: spawn and revive code now check to make sure the spawn area is empty to prevent the player from getting stuck in other objects
  • Fixed: vehicle wheels now spin accurately instead of by a very rough approximation
  • Fixed: recycling a building with less than full health wouldn't give back any resources
  • Fixed: health regen gave health even if the player had died
  • Fixed: players with max health upgrade only spawned with 100 health; changed so that they spawn with 130
  • Fixed: as commander, selecting an engineer built radar or camera shows the correct image in the selection area
  • Fixed: the commander can no longer attempt to recycle an engineer built radar or camera
  • Fixed: homing missile lock on boxes more accurately match the location and shape of the vehicle
  • Fixed: vehicles and buildings on the minimap would stop showing up once 64 existed for either either team
  • Fixed: exploit where commander could use engineer build kit while in commander interface
  • Fixed: placing a mine when eight were already placed, would not update the new mine's placement time, sometimes causing the game to think the new mine was the earliest one placed and detonating it when a ninth mine was placed
  • Fixed: players can no longer open the team selection, class selection, or vehicle customization screens via shortcut key while in commander mode due to losing mouse control upon doing so
  • Fixed: commander can no longer build in water
  • Fixed: mines dropped in buildings were not able to be defused by a grenadier with the defuse skill
  • Fixed: improved the accuracy of pointing at and using the vehicle factory console
  • Fixed: tracers now correctly come from the player weapon's muzzle
  • Fixed: crash when customizing a vehicle and having no name for the loadout
  • Fixed: spectating a player who exited a vehicle could cause the spectator's view angles to have an inaccurate roll angle
  • Fixed: tracers from other players weren't going to the same location that their bullets were
  • Fixed: commander built turrets were floating above the ground
  • Fixed: generic text on the chat line wouldn't fade out or would take on the team color of the last chat message
  • Fixed: player's vehicle was interfering with the homing missile trace when locking onto another vehicle and driving forward
  • Fixed: player in the gunner position of the NF heavy tank wasn't positioned correctly
  • Fixed: buildings continued to animate after dying
  • Fixed: players could get stuck in the vehicle factory build console when it spawns
  • Fixed: error in research tree, Eletrical Engineering's Tracking System branch description stated turret upgrades were included in that branch
  • Fixed: vehicle health/armor hud disappearing after changing resolution in-game
  • Fixed: minimap background sized incorrectly after changing resoltuion
  • Fixed: changing resolution in-game would crash the commander interface
  • Fixed: changing resolution in-game would cause the top right info bar to disappear
  • Fixed: other players' flashlight beams were not showing
  • Fixed: palm trees were using an incorrect collision mesh (most evident on emp_duststorm)
  • Fixed: "game_text" entity was not showing its text on the screen when activated
  • Fixed: commander was able to build a line of walls even though the start or end point was in an unbuildable area/out of buildable range
  • Fixed: when in commander mode, the player can no longer open the voice/quick command popup menu.
  • Fixed: on level change, the commander interface now resets the research tree position to the start point
  • Fixed: RPG not exploding when hitting things near the shooter
  • Fixed: player names were being drawn for players who were visible and inside a vehicle resulting in two names being displayed
  • Fixed: commander built turrets would only warn the commander who built them when they're harmed (even if he had switched teams) and not the whole team
  • Fixed: added more precision to collision checking when exiting a vehicle as jeeps under a displacement incline could exit the passenger through the displacement
  • Fixed: tracers not coming from the view model muzzle when spectating someone in the eye
  • Fixed: NF walls had the wrong environment map
  • Fixed: commander couldn't build vehicles from the Factory panel
  • Fixed: squads weren't being listed correctly in the commander Units panel
  • Fixed: factory restriction status would not update itself to other players in the commander Factory panel
  • Fixed: creating a squad via the voice menu would not go in alphabetical order
  • Fixed: when entering a vehicle, the player's view was not being matched to what the turret's angle was; the turret's angle was being set to the player's angle at the time of entering the vehicle
  • Fixed: flashlight wasn't being projected in the right direction when in a tank
  • Fixed: crash when entering command vehicle
  • Fixed: tank turret pitch resetting to 0 when bringing up the voice menu, scoreboard, or other vgui window
  • Fixed: view turning black and colors bleeding when bringing up a vgui window while in a tank
  • Fixed: players couldn't exit a vehicle in areas with low ceilings
  • Fixed: scout in a jeep with binoculars was shown as standing instead of sitting
  • Fixed: tracers from other players originating from a very wrong location
  • Fixed: mortar and RPG needing to be reloaded could be fired without any projectile being shot out
  • Fixed: in the vehicle customization GUI, the heat capacity and MG Slot numbers listed were bugged
  • Fixed: getting stuck in the BE wall model while building it
  • Fixed: nf crates having incorrect normal maps
  • Fixed: vehicle engines could turn silent when rapidly transitioning from one engine sound to another
  • Fixed: difficulty in exiting the 2nd seat of a vehicle
  • Fixed: mortar and RPG missiles exploding immediately upon firing in some vehicles
  • Fixed: vehicle fired shells could collide with their own turret and explode if the vehicle is moving fast enough
  • Fixed: NF landmine model was floating above the ground
  • Fixed: vehicles turning completely black when destroyed
  • Fixed: players and vehicles that are spotted would not immediately show the correct position on the minimap
  • Fixed: players with the Health Upgrade skill and more than 100 HP but less than 130 HP could get instantly healed back to 130 HP by re-equiping their weapons/class/skills
  • Fixed: player weapon would disappear when getting more mines while in the gunner position of an APC
  • Fixed: with only two players on a team, one player could vote out the other from the command vehicle
  • Fixed: changing key bindings from the controls window will now unbind the previous bindings
  • Fixed: squad member text background on the squad HUD did not match up with the text at low resolutions
  • Fixed: vgui textures were being affected by the texture quality setting
  • Fixed: passenger names in vehicles sometimes showing as "unconnected"
  • Fixed: BE radar LOD problems
  • Fixed: set cannon shells to not hit the cannon or turret they originated from to prevent tanks from driving so fast that they hit their shell when it's first fired
  • Fixed: spectating passengers in vehicles causing problems with spectator camera
  • Fixed: going from spectator in-eye to chase camera would preserve the roll angle; it now resets to 0 when in chase camera mode
  • Fixed: as spectator, players out of visible range were showing up on the mini-map in the middle of the map
  • Fixed: background for spectator name was drawn incorrectly when the player's name contained unicode characters
  • Fixed: players lost their health upgrade skill after being revived
  • Fixed: server crash related to capture point event firing
  • Fixed: server crash related to "FindPickerEntity" function
  • Fixed: players getting stuck in engineer ammo crates
  • Fixed: spectators getting rank points


  • Maps: updates to emp_escort, emp_duststorm, emp_isle, emp_district402, emp_canyon, emp_crossroads
  • Maps: new textures for emp_isle and emp_duststorm
  • Maps: emp_slaughtered, fixed incorrect dynamic shadow angles and refineries floating above the ground
  • Maps: emp_slaughtered, vehicles can no longer drive up the hills
  • Maps: emp_canyon, increased number of tickets from 200 to 300
  • Maps: emp_canyon, vehicles could be blown up onto the hills with mines and then driven off and wind up under the level
  • Maps: emp_crossroads, some trees were floating above the ground by a very small amount
  • Maps: emp_crossroads, fixed light bleeding through cliff walls
  • Maps: emp_escort, disabled nuclear warheads on
  • Maps: emp_mvalley, fixed disappearing rock in C1
  • Maps: altered cliff textures
  • Maps: emp_isle, fixed water
  • Maps: emp_duststorm, fixed water and disappearing terrain near BE base


  • Modified: tanks with the faster engines slow down when turning to prevent spinning out
  • Modified: commander's multiple attack order no longer includes walls
  • Modified: changed how seismic grenades work, if their explosion (radius of 150 inches) touches a building then damage (100) is dealt to that building; there is no longer damage fall off based on distance from the building's center
  • Modified: removed engineer kit 3rd person animation based on trailer feedback
  • Modified: set max players to 48
  • Modified: removed Aircraft Factory from the commander Build panel
  • Modified: removed aircraft image from the top right info bar
  • Modified: capture gui now says "Blocked" if both teams are at the flag and neither can capture until one leaves
  • Modified: if a player falls out of the level, he automatically commits suicide now rather than falling and filling the server console with warnings
  • Modified: with the mortar selected, the normal crosshair is now replaced by a static green crosshair
  • Modified: lowered first person view point of players in the Brenodi jeep to match where the heads of the player models are located
  • Modified: set the crosshairs while driving a vehicle to be drawn with 0 spread
  • Modified: engineer kit no longer functions when in a vehicle
  • Modified: spotted diamonds over players, vehicles, and buildings now fade in and out to make predicting the target harder
  • Modified: cameras no longer spot players who are still
  • Modified: HUD text telling the local player to show a window now continuously reappears until the player has opened the window and selected a team, class, or spawn point
  • Modified: disabled the building of engineer turrets, cameras, and ammo crates in water
  • Modified: set spotted status for players and vehicles to update sooner
  • Modified: decreased font size of squad HUD
  • Modified: lowered eyes of NF soldier
  • Modified: reduced font size of squad management GUI
  • Modified: engineer cameras no longer spot any invisible players
  • Modified: moved up the voice status HUD when in the commander interface
  • Modified: lowered pupils on Brenodi engineer player model to lessen them from rolling back into the head
  • Modified: when clicking and dragging to build walls as the commander, right*click now cancels building
  • Modified: raised total player limit to 56 players
  • Modified: for "emp_eng_map_brush/model" entity, players are pushed out of the way instead of placed on top when it turns solid and vehicles colliding with it prevent the entity from being fully built and turning solid
  • Modified: ML turrets no longer target engineer cameras and radars
  • Modified: commander now only receives one notice that an enemy unit he ordered to be attacked has been killed
  • Modified: redid emp_slaughtered's minimap
  • Modified: "emp_eng_restrict" brushes now block engineer build items instead of only affecting the player building the object
  • Modified: shortened chassis names that began with "Northern Faction" to "NF" to lessen the visual space they took up on the commander GUI
  • Modified: increased the area around resource points that can't be built in to prevent buildings blocking refinery placement
  • Modified: vehicle passengers using their own weapons no longer rotate with the vehicle turret
  • Modified: players using the hidden skill or squad leader ability can no longer be the target of attack orders from the enemy commander
  • Modified: gave more leeway to making small steering corrections without slowing tanks with fusion and 3 phase engines down
  • Modified: moved top bar network info into player resource data table (transmission rate controlled with player resource interval cvar)
  • Modified: renamed 'emp_sv_player_resource_interval' to 'emp_sv_player_minimap_interval'
  • Modified: renamed 'emp_sv_vehicle_resource_interval' to 'emp_sv_vehicle_minimap_interval'
  • Modified: changed weapons that don't have magazines to print "N/A" instead of "0" in the ammo HUD
  • Modified: reduced amount of smoke generated from explosions to lessen the chance of exceeding the sprite limit
  • Modified: reduced smoke trail thickness of missiles
  • Modified: reverted change to getting vehicle cannon origin and angles as the original method is more accurate but comes at a price
  • Modified: scaled down all NF building textures to take up less texture space
  • Modified: players in vehicles no longer create ragdolls when they die
  • Modified: altered commander unit selection code to draw the selection box to more accurately reflect the shape of the unit
  • Modified: improved turret code to be more efficient/use less cpu
  • Modified: set missile smoke trail to be more opaque and not dissipate as quickly
  • Modified: added a slightly transparent black background to chat text to make it more visible
  • Modified: changed crosshair so that it never expands more than 1/4 the size of the screen
  • Modified: team, class, and spawn point selection windows no longer continuously open; they will open only once and then print a message telling the player how to open the window again if needed
  • Modified: players no longer have to request to join a squad and wait to be invited to complete the transaction unless the squad has been locked by the squad leader
  • Modified: iron sights reduces weapon kick by 50% and weapon spread by 25%
  • Modified: rpg and mortar weapons can be switched from to another weapon while reloading
  • Modified: scaled down all NF building textures to take up less texture space
  • Modified: increased speed vehicle suspension moves wheels and removed players affecting vehicle wheel position (wheels would move up if a player stood next to them)
  • Modified: decreased NF light tank gear ratio to minimize spinning out
  • Modified: commander camera move speed code so that the "emp_comm_move_speed" cvar has more control over the speed of the camera's movement where before it only minimally affected movement speed
  • Modified: set players in a jeep as crouching instead of standing up
  • Modified: altered squad HUD member listing to only show each member's name and their health
  • Modified: increased horsepower for all tank engines
  • Modified: duck key no longer closes voice menu
  • Modified: with the commander in the command interface, the command vehicle now causes enemy units to be visible to the commander
  • Modified: players can no longer change class while in a vehicle
  • Modified: grenadier's armor feedback skill fades out much slower
  • Modified: crosshair remains showing with mortar weapon in hand
  • Modified: lowered APC hull health from 200 to 80
  • Modified: lowered BE medium tank neutral turn speed
  • Modified: improved tank neutral turn to begin activating before the tank is fully stopped for more responsiveness
  • Modified: altered vehicle code for a logarithmic falloff of the vehicle overheat stall penalty (as your overheat status goes away you regain engine speed slowly at first and then quickly)
  • Modified: on spawn, a grenadier does not have to load his RPG or mortar; changing class in a barracks/armory/cappoint requires loading RPG and mortar; being revived depends on if the weapon was loaded or not before death
  • Modified: moved squad leader's "Move To Location" voice menu order button from the top slot to the middle slot to prevent confusing it with the Spotted command button
  • Modified: relocated BE APC's MG fire origin to the end of the cannon (was on the right of the turret)
  • Modified: moved the location ML turrets targetted on other turrets to prevent misses
  • Modified: vehicle weapons have been modified for weight, damage, and cycle time by DizzyOne for balancing
  • Modified: as spectator at game end, only the losing music will play to signify the end of the game
  • Modified: increased neutral turn speed for NF medium and heavy tanks
  • Modified: increased NF medium tank axle ratio for a slight performance increase
  • Modified: clicking on the minimap as the commander now moves the camera to focus on where the mouse was clicked instead of moving the camera to the clicked location
  • Modified: increased the repair station's repair speed
  • Modified: the repair station will not heal a vehicle if it has been damaged within the past 10 seconds
  • Modified: put darker background behind the HUD's entity health bar due to being whited out by engineer tool kit effect
  • Modified: improved player and vehicle collisions
  • Modified: if an enemy player is targeted via the commander's attack order and that player becomes the enemy commander, then he is removed from the attack order
  • Modified: for a commander's multiple attack order, each target is removed from the order and the commander informed on its death; previously, this only occurred when all targets were destroyed
  • Modified: changed vehicle turret mouse movement to mimic infantry mouse movement
  • Modified: renamed "emp_vehicle_mouse_speed" convar to "emp_cl_vehicle_sensitivity_ratio"
  • Modified: all grenades and all secondary weapon attacks (melee/iron sights) can now be used underwater
  • Modified: when entering a passenger position on a vehicle where you can use your own weapons, the infantry binds are executed first and then the vehicle binds to prevent overwriting the keys for changing seats
  • Modified: scout binoculars can be used to spot unlimited targets instead of only one target at a time (only last spotted target will give a point when destroyed)
  • Modified: scout concussion grenades will disable turrets for up to a maximum of 12 seconds (was 5 seconds) and emit purple smoke while disabled
  • Modified: changed vehicle armor system to rely on the hit location's angle to determine the side of the armor hit
  • Modified: for vehicles built with no armor on a side, the engineer kit's HUD display shows no armor health bar vice an empty bar
  • Modified: changed engineer revive ability to revive the player where his ragdoll is vice where the player died
  • Modified: added check to revive to ensure the player will be above ground when revived
  • Modified: set commander camera to not zoom when clicking on an alert unless the distance from the camera to alert position is less than 600 inches where it will then zoom out
  • Modified: when spectating a vehicle, the chase camera will sit at a farther distance
  • Modified: moved the location of the name of the person being spectated so that it's not overlapped by the vehicle heat bar
  • Modified: revived players start in the prone position
  • Modified: changed squad leader's green arrow on the HUD to a star icon
  • Modified: when a flag is turned neutral, the two adjacent flags of the neutralized flag are disabled from being captured
  • Modified: mortar can now be fired from a vehicle's passenger seat


  • Modified: reduced the amount of network info required for sending player angles
  • Modified: split up the sending of player and vehicle networked minimap info into quarter segments sent at different times instead of being sent all at once
  • Modified: cleaned up player network data (some commander related vars were being sent to everyone; cap point info was sent to players directly instead of kept with the cap points and retrieved from there)
  • Modified: revamped vehicle network variables to reduce bandwidth usage
  • Modified: NF building models
  • Modified: cleaned up vehicle network data to only send weapon info to driver and to only send passenger info to team mates
  • Modified: set commanders in the command interface to not be broadcasted via the network to anyone
  • Modified: enemy commander no longer receives network info regarding enemy units in the fog of war


  • Modified: decreased rail gun heat to target from 3 to 1
  • Modified: increased upgraded ML clips from 5 to 6, decreased clip size from 6 to 4
  • Modified: increased fission engine heat dissipation amount from 5 to 8
  • Modified: scout rifles sway more when jumping (10x), standing (3x), and ducking (1.5x)
  • Modified: increased the time a target is spotted via the voice menu from 7 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Modified: in iron sights, weapon recoil is reduced by 50%
  • Modified: scout rifles are now always 100% accurate when in scope view (ie standing accuracy is now equal to prone accuracy)
  • Modified: reduced wall damage resistance from 60 to 24
  • Modified: reduced engineer camera and radar damage resistance from 6 to 2
  • Modified: composite armor damage modifer: 1 -> 0.8
  • Modified: BE AFV cost: 100 -> 150
  • Modified: NF Light Tank max weight: 743 *> 783
  • Modified: increased grenadier mine damage from 100 to 150
  • Modified: decreased HMG stamina drain (standing: 4 -> 2, crouching: 2 -> 1, prone: 1 -> 0.2)
  • Modified: increased SMG 2 spread (max duck spread: 0.15 -> 0.18, ducking spread decrement: 0.1 -> 0.07, prone spread decrement: 0.2 -> 0.1)
  • Modified: increased armor detection distance and fade out speed
  • Modified: plasma MG creates more heat for the vehicle firing it (1 -> 4) and has a higher cycle time (0.1 -> 0.3)
  • Modified: HE MG increased damage (10 -> 12), increased cycle time (0.3 -> 0.5), decreased spread (0.02 -> 0.01), and decreased heat to target (0.25 -> 0.1)
  • Modified: all grenadier missiles now do little damage to buildings (turrets, walls, eng cameras, and eng radars are not affected by this change)
  • Modified: increased speed of grenadier missiles from 1500 to 1700
  • Modified: increased building damage reduction from 4 to 6
  • Modified: decreased stalling effects due to armor and hull damage (default is armor damage of more than 100 or hull damage of more than 60 will stall the vehicle; 3 Phase stalls at 60 armor damage or 30 hull damage; Bio Diesel stalls at 200 armor damage or 200 hull damage)
  • Modified: reduced bullet damage push force (0.5 to 0.25)
  • Modified: engineer build items can no longer be built on surfaces that are too steep for the player to stand on
  • Modified: weapons that did no actual damage to vehicles (plasma mg) were not able to dump any heat into the hit vehicle; changed so that heat is always given to hit vehicles
  • Modified: increased max allowable chassis heat capacity to 256 (no actual vehicle scripts have changed to have a greater heat than 100 yet)
  • Modified: all engines (except Bio Diesel) now have a heat stall penalty of 0.0 (changed from 0.25) which means you will definitely feel your vehicle slow down and stop when it overheats
  • Modified: vehicle max weight and armor have been modified by FalconX for being more restricted by weight and having to choose between having more armor or weapons
  • Modified: reduced standard cannon heat output from 20 to 16
  • Modified: reduced anti-tank vehicle machine guns' damage
  • Modified: reduced damage (50 to 40), increased cycle time (1.0 to 1.4), and increased heat (10 to 20) for the standard cannon to provide incentive to use better cannons
  • Modified: improved Brenodi APC/AFV and NF APC turning ability at higher speeds
  • Modified: improved vehicle turret range of motion; BE APC and AFV can aim lower; APCs can aim much higher
  • Modified: increased stamina penalty per scout rifle shot to increase weapon sway with each shot
  • Modified: reduced scout's total rifle ammo from 60 to 30 and scout rifle clip size from 15 to 5
  • Modified: reduced time penalty when trying to fire the mortar while standing from 1 second to 0.2 seconds
  • Modified: altered Speed Upgrade skill to allow you to move at 15% faster movement speed when not sprinting, was 10%
  • Modified: jumping takes 20% stamina (was 25%) and can be done even if there's not enough stamina (penalty wait time will still activate at 0%)
  • Modified: scout rifles no longer experience excessive damage falloff with range (maximum falloff is now approximately 10%)
  • Modified: increased scout rifle damage to 110 (was 60)
  • Modified: lowered RPG damage to 80 (was 105)
  • Modified: lowered mortar damage to 110 (was 120)