Third Party Content Official Usage Permission Request Template

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When requesting a third-party artist to include their textures/models/etc in Empiresmod by default, use this form. However, you may only use this form if Coffeeburrito has actually authorized you to speak on his behalf.


To: <email>
Subject: <content type>

Hello <name>,

I am a <position> for the freely available Source mod "Empires" (, and recently came across your <item> here: <link>

I was quite impressed with what I saw, and was wondering if you would grant Empiresmod permission to include your <item> with the mod by default. Coffeeburrito, a coder for the mod, has authorized me to communicate on his behalf in this regard. Our <position>s would surely love to make use of them, but I want to make sure you would be comfortable with that sort of thing. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

<your name> AKA <your nickname>