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Total XP is a ranking system. The score from all games played on official servers will be added to a database and a rank will be shown the main menu of the game.

Earning Total XP

You earn Total XP on public servers. Once a game ends, all players that are in either NF or BE team add their score to their Total XP. Only up to 50 points can be earned per game.

Total XP can only go up. If your score is negative at the end of a game you will earn 0 Total XP.

Team Change Penalty

Players that switched team during a match (including spectators) will get a score penalty at the end of the game.

Joining a team after first having been a spectator results in a 50% reduction in Total XP gained.

If you're part of either the BE or NF teams and you leave your team you get a 90% reduction in Total XP gained.

Players that switched from NF or BE to another team (including spec) will have their score reset.

Auto-Assign Bonus

If you choose a specific team instead of auto-assigned team you get a 25% XP reduction.


Your rank is shown in the lower left corner of the game's main menu. It is calculated by counting the number of players with lower Total XP than you. This means that the player ranked highest will have a rank equal to the number of players in the database.