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Brenodi Empire Machine Gun turrets levels 1-3.
Brenodi Empire Missile Launcher turrets levels 1-3.
Northern Faction Machine Gun turrets levels 1-3.
Northern Faction Missile Launcher turrets levels 1-3.

In Empires, two types of deployable turrets are available, machine gun (MG) and missile launcher (ML). Machine gun turrets shoot at infantry and missile launcher turrets target vehicles and structures. Both types of turret can be upgraded through research. There are 3 levels of upgrades, each one giving a longer range and higher damage. However, this research does not apply to the turrets automatically, and will only apply to any new turrets the commander builds. These turrets are built straight at the level they have been upgraded to, so a level 3 turret does not need to be built through levels 1 & 2 first.

Engineers may also place turrets, using the Engineer Tool. Either type of turret may be constructed. These turrets begin at level 1, however with the Turret Upgrade skill, may be upgraded into levels 2 and 3. Research does not affect the turrets placed by engineers. Once an Engineer has attained the rank of Staff Sergeant, they are able to place a second turret.

All turrets have 100 health total, weapons that cannot harm tanks cannot harm structures, in general, most weapons do 25% damage to structures.