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I'm a huge fan of Empires and will attempt to support the mod in any way short of teaching myself how to program (I'm still learning how to not suck at mapping).

I go by the name The Buttery Lobster on pretty much any internet activity, be it game or forum or otherwise. (except, you know, that other stuff. You know what I'm talking about.) I've yet to see another person use the same moniker, and that's the way I likes it.

I enjoy messing with newbies (in a STRICTLY friendly and laid-back joking manner) before I help them out however I can, and I enjoy screwing with noobs and griefers (in a manner which causes them as much emotional pain and suffering as possible).

Also racing around maps in jeeps at top speed trying to run people over. Thats awesome.

Combat Proficiency:

Infantry Combat: Good. I can hold my own against other seasoned Empires veterans, perhaps even outperforming some in certain circumstances, and will play any infantry class without preference.

Vehicle Combat: Average. I can hold my own against average/infrequent players, and can dominate newbies, but against a vet who specializes in tank combat, I have to rely on the element of surprise to survive the battle. I tend to rely on hit-and-run tactics.

Commanding: Average. I may not have that intrinsic sense of timing and command that separates the good from the great, but I have enough experience in-game to know what works and what doesn't. I am familiar with the commander controls, tech tree, and the maps in general. I know what techs are good and what are crap, what massing enemy force is going to be the biggest threat to the team, and where the winning teams should locate their bases. The biggest problem is that I hate commanding even though I know what to do, and I tend to flip out and lose it when I command. Which is why I don't (and you don't wanna see me try). I do a much better job of coordinating with the commander on the ground as a squad leader then operating from the CV.

Current Arch-Rival/Nemesis: Avair. He dares to deny Clawtopian right.

Current Monarch of: Clawtopia