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About Me: If I were any more a fan of Empires, the developers of the game would have already filed restraining orders. I can't map, I can't program, and I can't stand noobs. But I can recreate the Grignard reaction, and I can do Ollies on a skateboard, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Combat Proficiency:

Infantry Combat: Good. I can hold my own against other seasoned Empires veterans, perhaps even outperforming some in certain circumstances, and don't have a class preference. However, my weakest class is grenadier.

Vehicle Combat: Good to Average. I can hold my own against average/infrequent players, and can dominate newbies, but against a vet who specializes in tank combat, I have to rely on the element of surprise to survive the battle. I tend to rely on hit-and-run tactics.

Commanding: Average to Poor. I don't have that intrinsic sense of timing and command that separates the good from the great, I don't bother keeping up with the weapons balances so I don't know effective research combos, and I don't utilize the CV's mobility. On the plus side, I am familiar with the commander controls, the maps in general, where we should be worrying about the enemy, and where the winning teams should locate their bases. The biggest problem is that I hate commanding and I tend to flip out and lose it when I command. Which is why I don't--and you don't wanna see me try.

Current Arch-Rival/Nemesis: Avair. He owes me a soda.

Current Monarch of: Clawtopia