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About Me: If I were any more a fan of Empires, the developers of the game would have already filed restraining orders. I can't map, I can't program, and I can't stand griefers. But I can create a Grignard reaction, and do ollies on a skateboard, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Combat Proficiency:

Infantry Combat: Good. I can hold my own against other seasoned Empires veterans, perhaps even outperforming some in certain circumstances, and don't have a class preference. However, my weakest class is grenadier.

Vehicle Combat: Good to Average. I can hold my own against average/infrequent players, and can dominate newbies, but against a vet who specializes in tank combat, I have to rely on the element of surprise to survive the battle. I tend to rely on hit-and-run tactics and dislike spending the team's res on tanks, anyways.

Commanding: Average to Poor. I don't have that intrinsic sense of timing and command that separates the good from the great, I don't bother knowing the stats for each tech, and I don't utilize the CV's mobility. On the plus side, I am familiar with the commander controls, the maps in general, where we should be worrying about the enemy, and what techs are usually researched. The biggest problem is that I hate commanding and I tend to flip out and lose it when I command. Which is why I don't--and you don't wanna see me try.

Current Arch-Rival/Nemesis: None at the moment. Keep communicating with me, it could be you!

Current Monarch of: Clawtopia