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massCenterOverride does exactly as you would think, overrides where the central point of gravity on a vehicle is


"massCenterOverride"	"0 10 -1.5"

- First coordinate moves the center left/right (Strongly advise against changing it if you don't want a lop-sided vehicle
- Second coordinate moves the center front/back
- Third coordinate moves the center up/down

Quote from Viromans old jeep script which contains alot of useful information:

"massCenterOverride"	"0 10 -1.5"
			// leave at vec3_origin for no override - duke edit - as steve mentioned, this greatly affects wether it rolls or not, and setting it higher (So the center is higher up) tends to lower to tendency to flip
			// Drag: First coordinate moves center left/right (don't change it), second : front, rear --> setting it <0 limits the turning ability of a tank "on spot" and a bit on the move, setting it > 0 makes turning slower in the beginning and way faster if you keep the keys pressed  ; third: up/down --> moving it up? (-) counters flipping but hinders hill climbing