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* Corrected camera model selection in hammer
* Corrected camera model selection in hammer
* Fixed crash on exit
* Fixed crash on exit
* Fixed shells no longer highlighting when using artillery feedback

=== Map Changes ===
=== Map Changes ===

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Version 2.15.1



  • Improved weapon descriptions
  • Update to research item descriptions
  • Packed files into vpks for faster disk access
  • Changed falloff system to be easier to tweak
  • Added research item translation strings (name and descriptions, this means the following are now translatable)
    • Plasma-Resistant Shell Coating
    • Dedicated Plasma Cannon
    • Projectile Physics
    • Aerodynamic Shells
    • Heavy-Duty Ranged Cannon
    • Thermobaric Shells
    • Thermobaric Cannon
    • Expanded Missile Launcher
    • Heavy-Duty Missile Warhead
    • Enhanced Grenadier Missiles
    • Mobile Industrial Electromagnets
    • Overcharged Railgun
    • Enhanced Homing AI
    • Upgraded Homing Missiles
    • Guiding Signal Boosters
    • TOW GUided Missiles
    • Incubator Missiles
    • Virulent Warhead
    • Biological Cannon
    • Incubator Tanks
    • Virulent Shells
  • Updated names and descriptions of some existing strings (This brings them up to date with what is in the scripts)
    • Research Index
    • Superheated Material Physics
    • Nuclear Fission
    • Fission Reactor
    • Deflective Armor
    • High Explosive Grenades
    • High Explosive Shells
    • Improved Warhead Compounds
    • Upgraded Missile Warhead
    • Absorbant Armor
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Upgraded Chassis
    • Advanced Chassis
    • Advanced Machining
    • Composite Armor
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Advanced Magnet Research
    • 3 Phase Electric Motor
    • Capacitive Armor
    • Reactive Armor
    • Tracking Systems
    • Upgraded Turrets Lvl 2
    • Upgraded Turrets Lvl 3
    • Regenerative Armor
    • Biological Weaponry
    • Biological Projectile
  • Added emp_ungrief command


  • Corrected camera model selection in hammer
  • Fixed crash on exit
  • Fixed shells no longer highlighting when using artillery feedback

Map Changes

  • Cyclopean:
    • Adjusted displacements around NW
      • This removes a visual 'leak' under the southern NW refinery
      • This makes it slightly easier to get up on the hill in the southeastern corner of NW
    • Adjusted displacements in city
      • This prevents climbing an unintuitively climbable area in the southeastern corner
    • Fixed skybox fog density
      • It's no longer a wall of grey until you get very close to a map border
    • Fixed displacement sticking through terrain in BE main
      • Kudos to anyone else who noticed that one
    • Fixed displacements sticking through terrain in NF main
    • Fixed an exploit where you could climb a hill into the NF main
    • Fixed (some) textures being needlessly rendered in northwest
      • If you find any others, post on the forums and they will be fixed
    • Adjusted displacements around the southern bridge to prevent seeing under the map
    • New 2D skybox
    • New lighting
      • Please report any lighting issues you notice
    • New fog
  • District402:
    • Preparing the map for AI players:
      • Broadened staircase to BE 4th flag
      • Slightly tweaked detail crates near BE 1st and 3rd flag
      • Moved BE resupply boxes at BE 3rd flag
      • Slightly moved poles near NF 1st and 4th flag
      • Added [disabled] bot spawners
    • Behind the scenes optimisation efforts
    • Fixed exploit where BE 2nd flag could be captured from outside its building
    • Added automatic attack/move targets that indicate the current objective
  • Mvalley:
    • Added a border grid akin to duststorm to better visualise the edge of the map
    • Added a missing commander restrict brush on BE's dam ramp
  • Urbanchaos:
    • Decompiled to get editable source files.
    • Fix for 1st BE flag dimensions
      • It is no longer capturable from the western side of the barricades

Script Changes

  • Normalized melee damage
  • Fixed engine inconsistencies