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Version 2.16.2

Release: 2018-10-11


  • Made menu more readable with white backgrounds.
  • Fixed issue with missile turrets not being able to hit other turrets.
  • Fixed server downloads going to hl2mp folder instead of empires folder.
  • Changed health bar to show a bit more health when not dead.
  • Added higher default rate parameter for clients to prevent netbuffer overflows.
  • Changed custom game menu button caption.
  • Flags no longer affect tickets or resources before the game starts.

Version 2.16.1

Release: 2018-10-9


  • Added default chatbinds.
  • Added death notifications for players killed by bots.
  • Added fractional accounting of resource income.
  • Added automatic management of HDR, should be disabled on legacy maps and enabled by default on newer maps.
    • If you don't like the bloom, please add 'mat_bloom_scalefactor 0.1' or 'mat_bloom_scalefactor 0' in your empires/cfg/autoexec.cfg file.
    • Added command to disable HDR manager 'cl_disable_hdr_manager'
  • Improved NPCs:
    • Turrets now shoot bots as well.
    • Bots try to avoid areas where bots previously lost health.
    • Bots now try to heal if near a health crate and seriously hit.
    • Bots sometimes (1% of the time) go to a random flag instead of the next one.
    • Bot pathfinding is now slightly random causing bots to spread out a bit if possible.
    • Bots can now use ladders.
    • Bots should be better at estimating jumps.
    • Bots now pick a point within 128 units of a flag origin instead of all trying to bunch up on the origin.
    • Bots try to crouch while shooting if they can still hit the enemy that way.
    • Some bots are now 'defensive' and will guard the flags the enemy will be attacking next.
    • NPC makers should now count as navmesh seed points.
    • Bots should now sometimes pick flags that aren't the closest.
  • Added quickplay lobby.
  • Added default / bind for askconnect_accept
  • Pressing use on a damaged building as an engineer will now switch you to your engineer kit.
  • Added `sv_workshop_required` convar for servers to let clients download workshop items before connecting.
  • Vehicles now have a constant physics weight to make handling independent of the weapon loadout.
  • New main menu layout.
  • Vehicles now slide the correct way when handbraking.
  • Migrated to a newer version of the source engine.
  • Added default bind for askconnect_accept to allow players to be redirected from servers.
  • Files downloaded from servers will now be stored in a separate folder.
  • Added -nonews startup parameter that hides the news panel.


  • Fixed linux issue with control settings panel.
  • Cleanup of cappoints system.
  • Removed broken shownewclasspanel command.
  • MLs should aim slightly above the ground now.
  • Tweaked commander health display to more accurately display how close the commander is to death.
  • Fixed health HUD element not displaying when spectating a player.
  • Fixed a bug where you could be revived with weapons that weren't for your class.
  • Fixed squad artillery shells not spawning.
  • Prevent sporadic client crash with loadout saving.