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  • Fixed some issues with missing models on Linux.
  • Made SourceTV more usable.
  • Crashfixes.
  • Menu resume button now resumes instead of opening help.



  • Updated main menu.
  • Game now directly joins the lobby on startup.

Map changes


  • Increased starting health of bridges
    • 500 for smaller ones, 750 for north and south ones
    • Increased repair modifier, drastically increasing build/repair efficiency
  • Fixed incorrect position of northwestern bridge
  • Fix for palm trees having no collisions
  • Fixed damage brushes in the water having no visual representation of damage


  • Disabled intro video to compensate for increased startup time due to joining lobby.
  • Fixed NPC crash.
  • Fixed crash when capturing flags.
  • Fixed vehicle customization screen counting wages twice.
  • Fixed shell explosions not playing the right sound.
  • Fixed flags always requiring only one person to capture.