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=== Scripts ===
=== Scripts ===
* Autospot distance has been lowered for non-scout classes.
* Autospot distance has been lowered for non-scout classes.
* SMG rework.
* [https://git.empiresmod.com/empires_public/empires_scripts/merge_requests/97 SMG rework].
* Lowered building carcass removal time.
* [https://git.empiresmod.com/empires_public/empires_scripts/merge_requests/95 Lowered building carcass removal time].
== 2.25.2 ==
== 2.25.2 ==

Revision as of 11:16, 29 March 2019



  • Server now restarts after a match if it couldn't retrieve autobalancing information during the match.
  • Hitticks no longer get stuck in observer mode.
  • Health bar when spectating should be less buggy.
  • XP gain percentages are now 0 on servers where you cannot gain XP.




  • Fix for mp_timelimit that was reset by default config. (Server owners should comment out the mp_timelimit line in their server.cfg)
  • Fix for hitticks that got 'stuck' when near other players.



  • Added jeep turbo courtesy of Reznov.


  • CVs no longer die in one hit during sudden death but take 10x increased damage.
  • Games are limited to 90 minutes.
  • Sudden death countdown is now 200 seconds.
  • Default artillery recoil is now 0.1.
  • Default tickrate is now 66.667 ticks per second.
  • New steam friends XP leaderboard.
  • Main menu layout courtesy of Oktay.
  • Per team stamina bar colors.


  • Mismatched script asserts no longer pop up on the client, servers are still required to run vanilla values for the properties that pop up asserts.
  • Fixed missing materials due to capitalization issues.
  • Fix for missing palmbay resources.
  • emp_sv_stalemate_countdown is set to 200 seconds and is no longer editable.

Map changes


  • Fixed missing minimap error


  • New 2D skybox and lighting