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  • Going out of stamina no longer makes you exhausted.
  • Sprinting can only be started if you have at least one bar of stamina left.
  • Jumping is only possible if you have at least 3 bars of stamina left.
  • Sprinting stops if you have zero stamina and automatically resumes once you have one bar.
  • Grenadier NPCs are less likely to clump together.
  • Riflemen NPCs will ignore hits that are made at a very long distance.


  • Walls now cost 20.


  • Faster official gameserver detection.
  • New grenadiers are now available in Hammer as well.
  • sv_emp_vehicle_fadeout is now limited to 500 seconds.
  • emp_sv_vehicle_fadeout_time_partial is now limited to 100 seconds.
  • More lake trees now have collisions.